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How Was the Earth Created?

Michael Anissimov
Updated May 21, 2024
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The creation of the Earth is closely tied to the formation of the solar system about five billion years ago. The solar system condensed from a huge cloud of gas and dust, with the Sun forming as part of the cloud collapsed in on itself under the influence of gravity to the point where nuclear fusion could begin. The Sun’s gravitational field attracted large amounts of material, which formed a disc-shaped structure around it, known as an accretion disc. The Earth, like the other planets, was created around 4.54 billion years ago when some of the material from this disc came together to form a spherical body. At some point early in its history, it is thought that a smaller planet collided with this body, increasing its size and resulting in the formation of the Moon.

Star Formation

Stars form out of huge clouds of gas — mostly hydrogen — known as giant molecular clouds, as they consist of molecules. The first stars began to appear when the universe was cool enough for molecules of hydrogen to form. The parts of these clouds where the density is a little greater accumulate more gas through gravitational attraction, forming globular regions of relatively high density. These are known as “Bok globules,” named after the astronomer Bart Bok, and can be observed today in other parts of the galaxy. Parts of these globules condensed further under gravity, until the nuclei of the hydrogen atoms were compressed so much that nuclear fusion took place, resulting in the birth of a star.

The fluctuations in density that lead to the collapse of parts of a giant molecular cloud may be small variations that were present from the start. Alternatively, some event may compress parts of the cloud. One possibility is that the cloud may pass through the arm of a galaxy, where there is a greater density of pre-existing stars. Another is compression by the shockwaves from a nearby supernova.

Planet Formation

The material surrounding a new star orbits around it, eventually settling into an accretion disc. Out of this material, planets can form in two ways. Excess hydrogen, along with small amounts of other gases, can condense into gas-giant planets, like Jupiter and Saturn. The quantities of gas involved are not enough for the gravity to cause nuclear fusion, so they remain planets rather than stars. The other, much slower, way is for dust particles to clump together, forming larger masses that collide with one another and stick together until asteroids and planets form.

Rocky planets like the Earth could not have formed as part of the first wave of star formation as there was no suitable material available. At this point, there was just hydrogen and helium, both gases, and a trace of lithium, a very lightweight metal. The heavier elements required to form rock were created within stars by nuclear fusion. This process, however, can only create the elements up to and including iron. There are many elements that are heavier than iron present on the Earth and some of them are essential to human life.

The heavier-than-iron elements can only be produced by a supernova explosion. It follows from this that there must have been at least one supernova in the vicinity of the solar system prior to its formation. It may be that this is what triggered the collapse of the molecular cloud that formed the Sun and planets.

The Formation of the Earth

The processes that form stellar systems are still taking place and can be observed, at various stages, in other parts of our galaxy. The formation of the solar system is thought to have followed a similar pattern. There are, however, some particular events that helped shape the Earth as we know it today.

It is not known precisely what mechanism caused the collapse of part of a molecular cloud into the Sun and its accretion disc. Whatever the cause, when the center became sufficiently dense, it ignited to become the Sun. Streams of particles — known as the “solar wind” — from the new star banished gases to the outer solar system, where they formed the gas-giant planets. Pieces of rocky material remained in the inner solar system, where they could grow into planets.

Once the Earth formed, it began to heat up. This phenomenon was due to a combination of the decay of radioactive elements, the continuing compression of the planet’s material by gravity and meteorite impacts. As material melted, different elements became mobile, and the heavier ones, such as iron, gravitated toward the center, forming the core that is responsible for the Earth’s magnetic field. Lighter materials, such as silicates, floated on the surface, forming the crust. The relatively thin, solid crust on top of denser, molten material gave rise to plate tectonics and volcanism.

The early history of our planet was not smooth, but involved a series of events characterized by massive impacts. The greatest of these collisions may have created the Moon. Strong evidence suggests that shortly after its formation, the planet was hit by a Mars-sized body called Theia, which may have formed at a Lagrange point — a point of gravitational equilibrium — in the Earth's orbit. This collision would have ejected many gigatons of material that would then go into orbit and come together to form the Moon.

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Michael Anissimov
By Michael Anissimov
Michael Anissimov is a dedicated All The Science contributor and brings his expertise in paleontology, physics, biology, astronomy, chemistry, and futurism to his articles. An avid blogger, Michael is deeply passionate about stem cell research, regenerative medicine, and life extension therapies. His professional experience includes work with the Methuselah Foundation, Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence, and Lifeboat Foundation, further showcasing his commitment to scientific advancement.
Discussion Comments
By anon995214 — On Apr 12, 2016

God made the earth, and everything on it!

By anon969262 — On Sep 08, 2014

If the earth was created by some kind of gas, as science says, then why are we (human beings) not colorless? Why do we have different skin colours?

By anon967809 — On Aug 29, 2014

Who cares? We will never know. God has never existed, and the universe has always been here. No scientific facts, no religious dogma. Just reality. Now go live your lives because you only get one.

By anon945334 — On Apr 12, 2014

People believe in God or the Big Bang theory because those concepts are a good fit for them. I believe if you have a grasp of the whole universal process, then you see why they are selling themselves short.

I am not saying they are wrong; I'm saying they are not a good fit for me. I believe in curiosity and logic. I accept religious and scientific dogma for what it is. When either says accept this without question, I question, and so should you. It can bring you to a better place re your beliefs, a more enlightened place.

A major portion of the essay is logical; a minor portion is not. This is only because I have a different take on the universal process. Happy trails.

By anon943174 — On Mar 31, 2014

God's not dead.

By anon924470 — On Jan 04, 2014

This is why I don't believe in God. What you see around you is nature, and you will always live on forever in our gigantic universe. We are nothing but gas.

Earth was created due to debris from the sun as a result of solar flares that had a numerous amount of compositions that our planet is made up of, that's why. Nuclear fusion never happened because we didn't have enough excess atoms such as hydrogen to create stars. Planets were like a combination of different atomic ions and accessible material to create rocky and gaseous planets.

Learning about the universe is amazing, I don't believe that's how Mars was created, but our planet did get extremely lucky, or we would not be here right now.

By anon359575 — On Dec 18, 2013

If intelligent life in the universe visits us before we are technologically capable of returning the favor, I would be very nervous.

Here's why: Man is a predator species. We had to be in order to dominate the planet. When space travel becomes common for man, we will still be 'man the predator' because it is built into our survival genetics. Space travel simply expands the territorial range. Logic dictates that an alien intelligence would have taken up space travel for similar motives.

Look to the animal kingdom to see how competitive predator species behave. If you have what the stronger or more advanced species wants, do you think our intelligence and reason or religion would have anything to do with the outcome? Besides, isn't God always on the side of the victor? What if we don't win?

Assuming alien intelligence is in space travel for moral reasons is akin to thinking your God or religion will save you. It won't. You have to assume and prepare for the worst if you are naive enough to announce your presence. Man through EM waves has been announcing his presence for 75 years, yet our only preparation has been good science fiction writing.

By anon347103 — On Sep 03, 2013

How could rocks have been there if there was no earth or universe? How could there have been particles? There couldn't. God made them and God isn't a human being; he is a Holy Ghost, although he did come to the earth in the appearance of a man, Jesus.

By anon318943 — On Feb 09, 2013

I guess I don't understand how people think that an intelligent creator is far-fetched but intelligent rocks colliding together to create the earth and everything on it could have like, totally happened.

By anon316393 — On Jan 28, 2013

For those of you who argue about the world being created by science or religion, most don't understand. I'm neither Christian nor atheist, but I respect all point of views. I know the Christian religion well, as well as many others.

The world was formed in a way science can explain yes. Do scientists know who did it or why? No. But for those intolerant of anything but Christianity, I ask how could one being, with no proof of its existence, snap its fingers and all this happen? There are many things in this world science cannot explain, like what they call super natural or paranormal. Does that make them not exist? No. Does it prove their existence? Again, no. The beliefs of one person are just that, beliefs. It's nothing to argue about because everyone has a different belief and a different opinion. That doesn't make one either right or wrong.

There is no reason to argue like children. If you don't like my post, that's your fault for not seeing the truth among things.

By anon314305 — On Jan 17, 2013

We're all humans and we all have the right to our own opinion. Therefore, for those who believe in God: God made the universe in his own way. He set things in motion. It's called science, and yet we still don't know all about "science" yet, so it's a term we use to address many things we understand, don't understand yet, and have yet to understand.

For those who do not believe in God: We've still got a lot to learn about how everything came to be. You can't expect a race that's been around for only 5,000 years to understand everything. We're still developing as the years pass. We need to delve into this subject more to find the truth.

Personally, I believe that we as humans weren't supposed to know how the universe came to be, and we never will. It's just one of those secrets that we can't figure out, but if it presents the answer to us, then we'll have hit the jackpot. Same thing with life outside of Earth. We don't have the technology to see if there are other life forms out there, so we'll have to wait until we're visited by them, hopefully in peace.

My opinion has been stated on this subject. If you disagree with my opinion, then the best luck to you on your views. I hope you'll review it rightfully, and may the human race ever prevail.

By anon311016 — On Dec 28, 2012

I just find this argument hilarious. There are so many atheists who are trying to make points that are completely wrong because they know nothing about Christianity, and so many Christians doing the same because they know nothing about science.

Instead of us all answering fundamental questions, why don't we each do a little research into the other side, instead of basing our understanding on what we heard on TV or what a friend said or what we learned at this specific church when we were ten?

Christians need to stop automatically refusing ideas that seem to contradict what they believe and actually learn about them first. And atheists need to learn about well, anything that Christians actually believe apart from what extremist pastors on TV say.

By anon309517 — On Dec 17, 2012

I love how some people neglect a theory just because there are unknown factors to it.

It's like saying "this isn't a door because it's made of wood!"

Just because you know how something is made doesn't mean that it doesn't have a maker.

Even Albert Einstein who most people look up to so much didn't deny the existence of God.

It's really as stupid to say you know that God doesn't exist as it is to blindly assume he does.

By anon290681 — On Sep 10, 2012

If all of you "believers" really believed that God created the earth, then why did you click on this link? You obviously don't believe in everything you have read, or did God just give us curiosity and doubt without the ability to second guess things, research them, or prove them wrong.

I believe in a higher power, whether it be a singular god, a bunch of unknown forces, or simply just a written script being played out over the course of time. The one thing that is definite is that we are all here and we love to argue our beliefs rather than just get along and agree to disagree.

By anon283483 — On Aug 04, 2012

You don't have to choose between religion and science.

Science is just a way of explaining things mentioned by religion which people can't understand.

By anon274492 — On Jun 12, 2012

These are all great arguments but honestly? I don't know what to believe in. Science always seems to have evidence on how everything came to be what it is today, while the Bible expresses that you should just leap out on faith and straight believe that God created the Heavens and the Earth in seven days -- or six days.

I'm not that positive. Even though scientists have a more logical side to things, they're still debating and questioning on how the earth works and how it was created. They still have cliff hangers in their hypotheses and theories. And even though God said not to question his work, he created two people that ate fruit off a forbidden tree that gave them so much knowledge that millions of years later we now have geniuses and very intellectual people who can't help but question everything.

I'm not saying that anyone is wrong in what they believe, science or religion, but how do you actually know any of it is accurate or not? You probably got tired of not really knowing anything reading the Bible or you probably wanted to explore something more religious, or maybe wanted to get your heart right.

I don't know, but I'm not on either side. I'm more confused than convinced. Do we take a leap of faith or go based on the facts?

By anon261340 — On Apr 15, 2012

@207: Where did the so-called "laws of nature" come from as well?

By anon260637 — On Apr 11, 2012

Humans looked up at the night sky thousands of years ago and were scared and confused because they had no idea how something so complex and amazing came to be. They looked at the ground they stood upon and wondered "how did we get here?" Primitive humans back then didn't understand nature or the phenomena that came from it, so they created religion: the idea of a god that created everything from nothing.

They couldn't comprehend the laws of nature so they came to a simple conclusion: God. Nature is a complex thing that we will never know everything about. Nature does things that we don't understand. For example, the big bang or the beginning of life on the early Earth.

God isn't the only answer, people! Open your minds a little and think! Nobody was around to see how everything began so nobody is correct. You can say that God is real and he created everything, but where is your proof? Science is the same way in the fact that it doesn't have legitimate proof, but at least science is making extreme progress and finding irrefutable evidence for everything.

I follow science because it is believable and I can put my hand on proof and evidence, whereas God and religion are ideas rather than evidence.

By anon256500 — On Mar 22, 2012

You all do realize that monks and scholars wrote the bible from the seven sea scrolls. They knew the existence of dinosaurs when they wrote the bible. They could have easily added dinosaurs to the bible. Is it god's real word, or just a bunch of monks who created a book from old history? And who's to say that they don't exaggerate several things in their own words?

You all make the bible sound like god wrote it physically himself. God didn't write it. Monks did. Genesis said the world was created in 6000 bc. How is that true, when we're finding human fossils dating back millions of years ago, as well as dinosaurs? And maybe in the bible, the mention of beasts could be some other creature, for example, a saber tooth tiger or mammoth -- creatures who roamed the earth thousands of years ago. The bible has way too many loopholes and too many contradictions. It says one thing, then says another, forcing a battle with its own self.

By anon248671 — On Feb 18, 2012

What you believe is right may never be. You say that there have been some rules that god has created but should not be obeyed now because of science. In defining what god is and should be, we all believe that god is perfect and the perfection is not definite. So, we cannot limit god in time. I mean, god never changes in time. So whatever that is sent to us to treat like by god has to be obeyed forever and our knowledge is nothing compared to god's, so we cannot and should not think that we know the reason why the rules have been created.

By anon245270 — On Feb 04, 2012

One reason why in the bible dinosaurs were mentioned it says in genesis 1:25 that he created beasts on the earth.

By anon245096 — On Feb 04, 2012

anon244788: The Bible actually does mention dinosaurs. It's in the book of Job.

By anon244788 — On Feb 02, 2012

@anon215088: If god is forgiving why is there a hell?

God's forgiveness is offered to everyone. Only the people too proud to believe in him and refuse to repent their sins must go to hell.

If god created everything, how do you explain dinosaurs? Where in the bible are they mentioned?

God didn't find it necessary to include them in the bible.

If there was just adam and eve, then we would all be related and be going against the bible by marrying cousins.

The Bible doesn't say anything negative about cousin marriages. God has common sense. He knew that if no one married their cousins back when people were first created, they would all just die out.

Also, different rules apply to people living in different times, which is why I as a modern-day Christian believe that the rules in the Bible about not eating certain animals and stuff don't need to be followed anymore. Back then, people weren't aware of germs and bacteria in certain seafood and meats that could make them sick if not cleaned properly. God was simply protecting them. Nowadays, we have more knowledge about sanitation and don't have to follow those rules, though they are still in the bible to show God's love for his people.

Here's the big question. Who created god? If something can't just come from nothing, then how did "god" get there?

God was/is/will be always there. No one created him. With God anything is possible. Including making things come out of nothing.

By anon220019 — On Oct 05, 2011

Hey there buddy old pal, something eternal would have to be sentient, but that something would in effect or "should" be able to break the rules of causality. If you cannot fathom the power and merely the powerful implication of the mere concept of "time" not "space-time" just time, then I think its time to get back to the drawing board, "Mr. Dark Matter is the Scaffold of the universe but we don't know what it is." Well, you don't really know what gravity is either.

By Higgem — On Sep 27, 2011

Explain how nothing plus nothing equals everything? The basic question of the creation of matter/energy from absolutely nothing is an area that can't be scientifically explored or explained for that matter.

Why? A very famous British scientist described in his writings when he made the statement, "If you study science deep enough and long enough it will force you to believe in God." I was recently reading of a man who was an atheist, because his parents were and science was all he knew. But he found God in the process of trying to prove Him wrong. He said he wanted to read the bible for himself and write a book on everything he found inaccurate, but he failed to do so. He never finished the book because he couldn't find a contradiction. Find some kind of scientific inaccuracy in the Bible.

By anon215088 — On Sep 17, 2011

I've read all the posts. Please explain these good points and you will change a lot of people beliefs.

Religion was created for social control in the early days. The church got to control politics, law enforcement, etc.-- just about everything. Now, I know that some people just want to believe in a higher power, to not be scared of death and be told that there is some wonderful afterlife ("life is the punishment, death is the reward"?), but the only 'proof' that devout christians have is the bible.

Sure, you can geologically observe something and incorporate it into the bible, but that is biased. You just want it to be related to some god's magical workings, so that it can prove the bible's theory. James Ussher (some church guy a while back) reckoned that the Earth was created exactly in 4004 B.C. How can the first organism created on earth pick up a pencil and start writing the bible? It's just nonsense! Also, I don't care what anybody thinks, it is physically impossible for every species of animal on earth to fit into a large boat. It just makes me laugh, when bible-followers try and convince people that god and his supernatural powers created the earth in six days, when there is just so much geological evidence that says otherwise.

It's pretty simple what created man; it's called the earth.

If god is forgiving why is there a hell?

If god created everything, how do you explain dinosaurs? Where in the bible are they mentioned?

If there was just adam and eve, then we would all be related and be going against the bible by marrying cousins.

Here's the big question. Who created god? If something can't just come from nothing, then how did "god" get there?

By anon196579 — On Jul 14, 2011

I, like the first commenter, ask how did this "bombardment" begin? Also, a question to the person who responded it was by leftover debris from the formation of the solar system. What? How was the solar system formed and by what? What was that then started by?

In the beginning there was nothing. How was anything started or formed from nothing? There had to have been a Higher Power that we will never understand that started life. To the person who asked how we could believe in a God that sends everyone to Hell that breaks any of the ten commandments, He doesn't. God wants no one to go to Hell but Heaven is a perfect place. No sin can enter so we must be made perfect to enter. The only way we can be made perfect is by believing in Christ Jesus and having His righteousness imputed to us.

By anon182238 — On Jun 01, 2011

God made the earth." how was god created?" we as humans are not supposed to know this yet, and I believe that everything will be revealed on the judgment day. This is just my thought.

By anon180766 — On May 27, 2011

Just wanted to say; before scientists and astronauts it was the bible, which holds substantial scientific information to this day. Take note Isaiah 40:22-"one who dwells above the "circle" of the earth"; Job 26:7- "hanging the earth upon nothing". Just think how much money we would have saved if people had the faith of a mustard seed. All that money spent to go out into to space just to see what was already told to us by God!

By anon164457 — On Mar 31, 2011

What bothers me is instead of saying "We think this is what happened, they say with supposed authority, "this is how the earth was created."

If a person could just quiet their thoughts for even 10 minutes and really think about the incredible things on this earth, like the atmosphere, which protects the earth, how a single cell is more complex than a space shuttle, etc, etc, a person could see an intelligent designer at the heart of everything. The evolutionist answer for everything is vast amounts of time for everything to evolve. I am so disappointed in humans at this time in history. Think people, please think.

By anon164253 — On Mar 31, 2011

the question we must ask ourselves is are we even real? why are we here? Humans must have been created in order for something big to happen in the coming coming years.

For that event to happen, humans must exist, like for example to start a fire, gasoline must exist or the fire will never happen. And we humans are definitely not alone. There are other living beings out there, but the fact that they're so far away that not even the best technology of the future will ever meet them unless someone somehow comes up with a time hole or a way to rip time in half and travel so fast so that we can meet the other living creatures that exist in the many other universe out there. Space is endless.

By anon163476 — On Mar 28, 2011

To put this all straight, all different religions have different views on how the world was created and how the world will die. so long story short, you live, you die (if you believe in reincarnation or heaven that would come next.) the end

I like to listen to all this end of the world, beginning of the world stuff and make my assumption then and the one i like most of all is buddhism (not that i am buddhist) because the planet does grow and will end sooner or later.

By anon163143 — On Mar 26, 2011

When I look at the complexity of life I know there is a God. Think about it: for centuries man has existed on this planet, but he has only been able to understand and change what already exists. He can't create life from nothing. A rock will always be a rock.

Science is testing and looking for understanding. That is why protestants, although they disagree with timelines, believe that science is a tool that can help us understand the world, but there is a creator that put everything in place. Look at computers. Someone created them. Hybrids of chickens? Someone created them.

I know it is hard to be accountable to something greater to oneself but this is when we find true peace. If there is no God, then there is no order and we live and compete for survival and die. Political systems built on love, giving, helping our neighbor and respecting each other last the longest. Those systems that fail and let me do whatever I want end up imploding on themselves.

Look at a tree. Look at a plant. Look at the moons of Jupiter and cry out thank you Lord for life! help me get to know you!

By anon161894 — On Mar 21, 2011

Is it really so hard to believe in both? That science and God (not religion) go hand and hand? I am not a scientist, but to me, neither are most people who happen to believe in evolution. They believe because they are told this information. Is it any different than what religion teaches?

I am a Christian who is smart enough to know the earth is *not* 6000 years old. One day to God may be millions to us. He was always here.

By anon161086 — On Mar 18, 2011

My personal opinion is that religion was created for social control in the early days. the church got to control politics, law enforcement, etc.-- just about everything. now, i know that some people just want to believe in a higher power, to not be scared of death and be told that there is some wonderful afterlife ("life is the punishment, death is the reward"?), but the only 'proof' that devout christians have is the bible.

Sure, you can geologically observe something and incorporate it into the bible, but that is biased. You just want it to be related to some god's magical workings, so that it can prove the bible's theory. James Ussher (some church guy a while back) reckoned that the Earth was created exactly 4004 B.C. How can the first organism created on earth pick up a pencil and start writing the bible? It's just nonsense! Also,i don't care what anybody thinks, it is physically impossible for every species of animal on earth to fit into a large boat. it just makes me laugh, when bible-followers try and convince people that god and his supernatural powers created the earth in six days, when there is just so much geological evidence that points otherwise.

People won't believe what's right in front of them, in favor of a belief that has hardly any basis, but old myths that are passed down to the generations.

By anon160231 — On Mar 15, 2011

This is crazy. There has been scientific proof that we have evolved from primates. You ask why are we not evolving? We are. But it's not going to happen in a day, is it? We are continuously evolving. The earth is evolving as well. The earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis? They are all changing the earth. We have evolved, we have discovered. Look at computers. We didn't start with state-of-the-art laptops, we started with large, clanky things that took up a whole room. Humans have evolved.

As for the earth creating, I believe that it has been gradually made. No one has discovered how it was made, no one knows. It just happened. The universe is huge. It just keeps going, never ending. It is infinite.

As for God, I ask you this. What do you really know? How do you know He is real? The bible could have been written by a guy and some mates for a laugh, a long time ago. You cannot always refer to the Bible as the obvious answer, because how do you know it is real? If afterlife wasn't real, the deceased could not come back and tell us could they? That is why you keep believing.

I understand that some people believe in God, but I must say I don't. I respect what people believe but we have to stop fighting about this. Religion is the cause for almost all the wars in the world. Just accept what others believe and get over it.

By anon157486 — On Mar 03, 2011

The fossil records and geological records alone point to the fact that everything on earth evolved and that earth is around 4.5 billion years old and there is no evidence to support creationism!

I'll tell you something scary now. Since the rise of the ID theory, some enthusiastic religious youths have made a stand for faith in their exams, so when they have to answer science questions on evolution or the earth, they have been quoting the bible or the Qu'ran instead of the answers they are taught on the curriculum. The result was that they are failing their science exams and not getting their places at university.

Fair enough if you want to believe in creationism for yourself go ahead but keep it out of the science classrooms. And kids, don't put it as an answer in your exams.

By anon154729 — On Feb 21, 2011

Honestly, I think these research will always end up being futile.

I'm open minded but I think there really is no method (using current technology) to know how everything started.

Debris crashing into a cooling down Earth (where were the dinosaurs and I believe volcanoes still existed when dinos were there). But anyway, I see it this way:

We have no idea what or where we were before we were born. Where did we come from? As in our mind? Us? Nobody really knows.

I believe it's the same case with the planets and the universe. It all started. But where from? Nobody will know. We don't know where we were before we were born. We never "started" before we were born. Sure sperm met egg, but I'm saying where does our "mind" and our own way of thinking, the identity that is us, all that come from? Figure this one out, then i think scientists might get a start somewhere.

By anon153661 — On Feb 17, 2011

It's pretty simple what created man, it's called the earth.

By anon153329 — On Feb 17, 2011

What i know is that GOD made the earth and everything that exists on it, no matter what the scientists say.

By anon147997 — On Jan 31, 2011

1. Where did the matter that formed the big bang come from? You can't have a bang unless you have something that can go bang. Ex Nihilo, Nihil Fit.

Now here is my answer to a question that has been asked frequently. Q: Who created God? A: God is a self sustaining being with no beginning and no end. The Alpha and the Omega.

By anon147826 — On Jan 30, 2011

Science and religion love to fight in an unending battle. I believe they are fraternal twins that can't come to grips with the realities of one another. Both realities are necessary for balance and presentation of the material world and immaterial world.

Try correlating them- discover their similarities, bearing in mind religion has many mysteries and texts stolen, hidden, or tainted yet with unchanging truths, and science has has many mysteries and texts tainted or unrevealed, and is still evolving with many theories changing and recreating as more evidence is known, yet what is known reveals truths.

Both utilize discoveries, beliefs, and proofs. However the substance of belief in religion is faith and in science is hypotheses, the substance of proof in science is 'material evidence' and in religion 'immaterial (spiritual) experience' which can translate into material proofs/experience. Both reveal the awe of discovery of life, the world, ourselves, and the indisputable sources of our being.

By anon146552 — On Jan 26, 2011

can i just remind some of the people here who are arguing the fact that debris crashing into the earth couldn't create water, if people remember correctly water has three forms liquid (water) solid (ice) and gas (steam). the earth is made up of lots of different gasses, as are all the planets.

as the earth began to cool down and the debris crashed into the earth (which has been proven to contain traces of water) over time it would given water to the earth. when the earth had got to one of its stages of cooling it started producing masses of carbon dioxide and some of the water would have came from that.

but, it is just a theory and no one will really ever know, but when that water started mixing with the gases, it created masses of clouds around the earth and rained for millions of years which resulted in oceans.

And for all the stuff on god, personally i don't believe in god. i am rather open-minded though, but the stuff i have been reading on this is so funny. has none of you ever considered maybe both could be correct? the bible wasn't intended to be taken literally. it was made up of stories to help people understand like how jesus told stories to his followers. the process of god creating the world could have taken billions of years. even though i don't believe in god i was brought up a catholic and i do remember when i was younger reading a bible that was for children. it contained all the same stories as a normal bible, but the first story that was in it was about the big bang so i don't understand how some catholics can think that both theories are not possible.

as for the people who don't believe in evolution, it is obvious that we have evolved because how would you explain us having an appendix (used for digesting cellulose) that doesn't work we must have needed it at some point in our lives and as we have evolved we now have no need for it.

evolution takes time. it just doesn't happen overnight. this is just my opinion though, and everyone is entitled to theirs. I just think people should learn to be a bit more open-minded. look into other people's research and make up your mind from that and stop being so one-sided.

By anon144230 — On Jan 19, 2011

i think the universe started, well every thing has to start somewhere, but how but it's like saying where did god come from or the chicken and egg. so where did every thing start?

By bbbcrazygood — On Jan 12, 2011

some atheist said that god didn't exist because he or she couldn't see past his or her own ego. did you know that if you took apart a watch and put it in a water bottle and shook it, the chances of all the pieces fitting back together are the same as the earth being made how it was. tell me there wasn't something (or someone) else helping.

By anon139789 — On Jan 05, 2011

even though my family is Buddhism, i am positive that no unexplainable magical force created the galaxy.

If "god" is so real, then where the heck is he? If there is a big guy up there, then why the heck is he letting and forcing on our own when our world is really spiraling down? Now I'm not disrespecting any religion or person who believes this, but telling them there is a reality. Life is too hard to go through with only the grim truth. So, believe what you want, but ultimately, we are responsible, we have to take action. It will not be done for us.

By anon134857 — On Dec 16, 2010

What will you do if you heard the rats in new York city saying NY happened by accident? That rocks and metals collided to form such a great system. How many things in our world today happen by accident?

Every human system on earth is a well thought out and planned execution that takes days and sometimes years to be perfected by a human. What humans have done is a clear indicator that something or someone with a different kind of intelligence from that of humans exist and that is God.

We cannot explain His intelligence using our own intelligence unless He puts it in us. The computer cannot do anything beyond what is put in it. It only makes human knowledge work faster and better but it does not come up with new things. God put in us some of His knowledge and we cannot achieve anything beyond that. that is why we can create things but those things cannot renew themselves but God's creations can. God is real and He exists and only a fool says there is no God.

By anon133824 — On Dec 12, 2010

So many people are brainwashed even in the modern world. There are some very well educated people out there who somehow are still brainwashed into thinking that Christianity or Islam or Judaism or another classical fairy tale is the truth. It amazes me that they can still believe it even after their education. I think that the only way to solve this issue is to stop brainwashing children. That way they aren't raised on a false idea of the world.

By anon133283 — On Dec 10, 2010

my point of view is that Allah created everything but to get a good grade in this life you'll have to believe that evolution did happen.

By anon131816 — On Dec 04, 2010

I don't believe in god. And every religion says that other people who believe in other types of religion are going to hell. And if every religion says that, then by default we are all going to hell. But I do not believe in heaven or hell. So I would say that when you die it is like the fact that you didn't exist as if it was before you were born. And nobody knows what happened before life. And after death is just like the point of not existing.

Also that anonymous person stated that if you can’t see God then you must not believe in him. He/she also stated that if you can’t see wind you know it’s there, that you don't believe in God but believe in wind. But you can feel wind; no one has ever touched or felt God. God is imaginary. Wind is created by the earth’s rotation. You can prove that there is wind by hold a piece of paper out your window. Simple. Proof of wind, but there aren’t any proofs of God.

You think God made us? Prayer is just a coincidence. And another proof that they do not work is amputees. Nobody at all has ever been cured by God. Why? Does God not care about amputees? Why does he make people's prayers come true when there a lot of people dying In Africa? He fixes prayers in other countries but not Africa?

I can say what a nice and wonderful God you believe in. Why can't he save those people's lives in Africa? What is the point of god creating life there in Africa if they are just going to die sooner or later? As I say, God is an illusion. The bible was written 80 years after Jesus Christ died. Then they found the oldest rocks, older than the Bible. So why write the bible?

Evolution is real. The average life span of age in Stonehenge time is 20 years. Now the global average life span today is about 65 years. If you get all the data for deaths and make a chart with years, and get the average, you would see the average number of life span is growing slightly and slightly longer for the life span. We humans are not really that different from other types of animals. We had similar ways of surviving.

There was another type of species like humans but unfortunately, they did not survive because we humans had killed them. They were not as intelligent as we are today. They were in the point of somewhat smart. I wonder what would happened if they were still alive. Would they say that god made two types of intelligent species?

I consider humans animals. But those other types of animals are not intelligent. We are the only humans that are the most intelligent. We have evolved differently than other types of animals. Monkeys are evolved most likely like us but differently. We had evolved differently than them.

If you believe in God then you must not believe in dinosaurs. Or if you do then why weren't there people at that time? A large meteor hit the earth and the dinosaurs got extinct. This is like resetting evolution. If the meteor never hit the Earth at that time, then me and you would have not been here.

So religion has actually convinced people that there is an invisible man, living in the sky, who watches everything you do every minute of every day of your life. And he has a list of ten things he does not want you to do. And If you do any of these ten things he has a special place after death full of fire, smoke, ash, and torture where he will send you to suffer, burn, scream, and cry forever and ever until the end of time! But hey that is God. And He really does love you. He loves you and he needs money! So I say how can you have faith in this God?

For some reason the big bang made non-existing to existing. And all the lucky things that happen to Earth that we really depend on, has made us. People have already found other Earth like planets like ours. So has God made other Earth-like planets? Or does he just care about us humans? I am sure that there is other intelligent life out there.

If you wrote a period on a paper, and you pretended that was the sun. Another way to describe how big the sun is, you can fit a billion Earths in it. Then you compare that to the whole United States that would be our galaxy. And there are over a hundred billion galaxies and we are only in one. We are in one solar system. And the moon is the only place the humans have gone to so far. It’s so close yet so far. And it’s the only planet-like we have gone to.

So as I say, I don't care about dying. But I hope you got my idea of no existence of God. I do not have faith and don't care about my death. I put religion to the side. I want to live my life and cherish it and have fun because it's the only life I have.

The Universe keeps on expanding and the ending it would shrink back and be smaller than an atom. So I like the feeling of being smart, and I am happy and glad that I am a human. I am happy I am an intelligent species. I am happy to live. And for some reason to live and that there is no point in life.

But I am glad I am alive and see this beautiful and disaster world. From the lucky history we had on Earth and the people who had passion to discover land, and make all these great inventions. I am happy that I could do all these amazing things. Thanks for the people who have helped me live like this.

And people who have fought to survive and make this world a better place than it was long ago. We still have disasters in this world. But I try not to worry about it. With the worst of slavery, the fight to freedom, the war, people have fought the evil and the goods. I am happy to be me. And I love it. And I am happy to have someone to love and love me back.

And yes we don't know the facts but I am sure we weren't made from a God and he just created all these things all of a sudden. But once I am about to die, I will say to myself "Don't be sad it’s over, be proud that it happened." Be happy that you are alive, because think of all the other people who has never made it alive long enough. So to let anybody know I am 14 years old. I am proud and happy to live. And I love life.

By anon131739 — On Dec 03, 2010

God had to be the only one to create such a magnificent place which is call earth. Just think about how perfect the world is to be created on his own. Yes there are diseases, crimes, hunger, poverty etc.

But there is got to be a reason why there is such a thing in this wonderful place. It is like animals. Why do they have to kill one another to eat? Because they have to survive. When a lion kills its prey many animals and insects feed on that food to survive. So think hard and analyze many things and you'll find the answer someday. Remember one thing: god is there, believe it or not.

By anon129611 — On Nov 24, 2010

i believe that God, the one true God created the universe. some of you are saying that you can't see God, and therefore he is not real, but you can't see the wind and yet you know its there. how is that? so, you don't believe in God but you believe in wind?

i do believe that God created the heavens and the earth, and some of you put that the world was created by lava from an asteroid but where did the asteroid or the lava come from? i see that a lot of you are using the words "thing" and "no one really knows" and if you like facts, then why are you believing something that isn't backed up by facts, but by "things that no one knows"?

I believe that God created the earth in six literal days and that the earth is 6,000 years old. how can the earth be 4.54 BILLION years old? what created it? if the earth was billions of years old, then the oceans would all be salt and there would be no water, or the apes would be fully evolved and there would be no more apes to be able to evolve? what would happen then?

also, there are SO many different theories that are out there to try and prove evolution or trying to cut down that God created the Earth. but yet no one has been able to prove any of them.

Hmmm, and yet you go to the Bible, the infallible word of God, and it states, black and white that "God created the heavens and Earth" that's all i have to day about that. Have a great day and God bless everyone!

By Aka1235 — On Nov 08, 2010

It is all good and all I have read this article and decided to join here for this is because there are some very interesting things here. I love the facts about this article and I agree a bit with this science fact one.

But reading these comments is very interesting: a debate between believers and non-believers. In all, I agree with some and not so much with others. To me, the bible is like a history book not a rule book - for how would you explain anything different in that time if you didn't know much to begin with.

My granddad is a very fascinating man. He doesn't believe in a god of chance, but rather a god of science. I am a non-believer and simply because to me religion is a way to get away from reality. It is best to think that someone stronger, smarter is behind everything we ourselves can't explain, but in truth it is a way to escape the truth of the world - the sickness, the crime, the war and such, but in the end you have to return to the world of rationality and facts.

Nature works in strange ways. Sometimes these ways can't be explained by fact or belief. It is simply there like earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis and etc. It has been here before us, yet we have never considered what might happen in the future to come. Will we all die? Of course some may live, for like my granddad says, "Humans are like cockroaches." Some die and some survive.

Now it is true that science explains a lot more than the biblical view for there are facts and sense in it, but, even science can bring war just like religion can. I don't mean to down anyone here - just stating my point.

Everything here has a reason, and like everything, there is a beginning and an end, so it is natural that the earth will die one day and all will be as it had once been.

Here is a theory I have been thinking and yeah, I know there might not be facts or such but listen if you want:

What if there were a time that the world had small nations, cities and such that had more knowledge then we had, but something happened to them that made them destroy themselves, yet some might have survived and brought their knowledge to the nations, cities that had not grown in knowledge and had little understanding then superstition and such.

Then wouldn't that explain how someone could have built the temple of Bethlehem [or whatever it was] that reaches to the heavens and such? It could have been the cause of little oxygen to the brain that made people a bit insane and to the outside world would make them sound like they are speaking different languages. and because the temple was made of baked clay bricks it crumbled to the ground - a fact that would make people who lived that time think there was a higher power at work?

Like Atlantis - I believe there was such a place because it will prove a bit more, doesn't it?

Now that I have said that I want to say, that people should try to observe the world around them rather than make out excuses, have you ever wonder why your heart is on your left side and not your right? why your blood is red and not another color? why the sky is blue and clouds are white? and by far have you ever wondered why we have so much superstition in us?

I am sick and tired of people trying to make everything about the bible - or the question, "Why is it I don't believe in a god?" The answer is easy. I choose not to believe because I am sick of those who judge others because they are different or think differently.

One is entitled to believe in whom wants to believe in, whether religions or science, but one must never try to change the other's views.

Now I'd like to know why there are other planets and if we are the only living planet and that is why I believe there must be others living out there because the universe is a big place with lots of planets, moons and such.

By anon124487 — On Nov 05, 2010

God created this word and there is no doubt about that. Yeah, there are some ways how god works that we can't understand. Yes we all have our opinions and theories, but it is true -- either the world was created by nothing or it was my almighty God which I truly believe it was him.

By anon116998 — On Oct 08, 2010

Touching Ice and your hand gets hotter? Yes of course it does! That's not Thermodynamics, that's your body reacting against the cold. It's the same process whereby your toes feel like they are burning if you walk in the snow wearing thin shoes. Your body withdraws the hot blood away from the site of the cold to prevent your core temperature from dropping and leaves your flesh with a "burning " feel as the tissue saturates in Co2. This is basic biology and nothing to do with the laws of Thermodynamics.

By FourAces07 — On Aug 16, 2010

Isn't this a scientific article? So let's look at it from a scientific perspective. Come on guys, use science and our incredibly capable powers of observation.

Basic Physics Principle Number 1: Thermodynamics

The Second Law of Thermodynamics tells us that heat will always spread out moving towards disorder rather than order.

These physical laws began at the beginning of the Universe, and yet all of this matter randomly arranged itself into order, when it should have continued to obey the Laws of Thermodynamics and moved to disorder.

So is this article incorrect from the get go, or are the Laws of Physics wrong? After all if the Second Law of Thermodynamics is incorrect, heat should flow from a colder object and congregate in a hotter object and yet using our skills of observation, I'm pretty sure this is not the case? But don't take my word for it, try it for yourself? Touch some ice and see if your hand gets hotter!

By anon101604 — On Aug 04, 2010

Here is something I don't understand about most of the individuals who have commented on this article: If you believe god created the earth, why are you reading a scientific article about it when you "already know" how it was created?

By anon97811 — On Jul 21, 2010

I thought I was about to read a scientific posting, not a fictional religious posting. Believing in god, allah or whatever you might call it is because humans are weak by nature. Humans must believe that there is someone out there stronger than them, someone that will protect them and their families, someone to go to when they cannot face their life.

I just believe in science because science can prove things in a realistic manner. We are many years from being able to explain many things, but given the time we will. Look at the progress we made just in the last hundred years. Don't run to a man made story just to try to explain what you don't yet understand. Search for answers and you'll see that some day you will find them.

By anon93830 — On Jul 06, 2010

This is a pointless debate: science cannot prove who or what created Earth or the Universe.

It's not something you can prove with reasoning; you just have to believe in something.

Don't try to figure out how it all started. You can only answer where you came from and that is sperm and egg joined together and developed to make a human.

Just enjoy your being and the beauty of creation

Finally, one day we will all die and maybe then all will be revealed, maybe then we will find out all the answers to creation, or we can just believe now, whether it be in God or some other force.

It's not an accident, that's for sure! Everything has a purpose and you were created for a purpose and you have a purpose and i believe God put us all here for a purpose.

By p3n9u1n — On Jul 02, 2010

God claims to have made the world in six days. Evolution claims to have made the world in 4.54 billion years. At the end of my life, I would have rather taken a leap of faith in believing God made the world if he could do it 1,658,280,399,994 days faster than evolution could.

By p3n9u1n — On Jul 02, 2010

Evolution - You show me something that came from nothing, and I'll believe you did too.

By wisdomlerner — On Jun 16, 2010

Extra! Extra! Please focus your thoughts for one moment and read this short post. As a former atheist who teaches a multitude of scientific disciplines (Linear math, biology, chemistry, etc) I have been blown away by what I've discovered reading and researching the evidences listed in the Holy Quran.

A person commented that religion is made up. Yes, this is true, however G-d (Allah) created the universe and all life within it over six periods (not days). A period in time in Islam represents an extended lapse in time, perhaps each period being 1 billion years or more, thus the earth is 4-6 billion years old. Not 6,000 years old!

Islam teaches us that science is to be embraced as it brings forth evidences found in the Holy Quran regarding the big bang, expansion of the universe, black holes, supernovas, alien life, time travel, relativity and so much more! Yes, this book is from G-d.

When I was an undergrad student, I used to have conversations with my physics professor and he would be stunned to find "modern" scientific and medical "discoveries" were contained in a book written over 1,400 years ago (and no, aliens didn't write it either!)

Islam is not a religion; it's a way of life encompassed by cognitive processes which equate to (deciding) performing good or bad actions. Perform an acid test and formulate your opinion as hundreds of millions of people have done. *Note:The Bible is not completely false. Modern Christians have no control over what happened to the Jewish doctrines (Torah, Zaboor, Injeel). These doctrines were corrupted and now are revealed as false documents filled with hundreds of contradictions.

Science disproves nearly everything in the Bible (by the way, the word bible is not contained in any of the books), but this is the case due to 400 years of scripture tampering by characters such as King James. You can't take a literal view of the bible due to the deception of past influences on the word of G-d (Allah).

By anon90409 — On Jun 16, 2010

If God doesn't exist then why does everything, from your eyesight to a heartbeat work for 100 years? How does everything work in perfect harmony, from the ocean to the hill, all evolution?

It's not too late free your hearts and minds. Don't be afraid the time will come when you see the light of God and His beautiful son. How can you "feel," think and breathe? How are people so superior in life with nothing else that ever even "evolved" even close to our ability.

God does exist. Wake up and stop this torturous self infliction of certain hell. God doesn't like to be denied and you will truly know hell when He leaves the "Earth" as it will be when He returns.

Follow the word of God and save yourselves and all those who will listen.

By anon86485 — On May 25, 2010

God does exist and this is how i can prove it! All these things have been happening the past year. all this is in the bible. How can scientists know when the end would be? The bible does know. Matthew 24:7-8 (HCSB) — For nation will rise up against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines, and earthquakes in various places. All these events are the beginning of birth pains.

Mark 13:8 (HCSB) — For nation will rise up against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in various places, and famines. These are the beginning of birth pains.

Luke 21:9–11 (HCSB) — When you hear of wars and rebellions, don’t be alarmed. Indeed, these things must take place first, but the end won’t come right away.” Then He told them: “Nation will be raised up against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be violent earthquakes, and famines and plagues in various places.

By vanillaman2 — On May 24, 2010

I'm a physics lecturer so imagine my annoyance when a trampy old vicar came up to me in the main street and started lecturing me on the flaws of carbon-dating. Sheesh! The whole religion thing is a farce!

By vanillaman2 — On May 24, 2010

Whatever it was, it sure as hell wasn't God.

By anon85738 — On May 21, 2010

- anon63969 I agree with you (post 65)

God is an idea, and there is no way everything was created in 6-7 days -- it took billions of years. If God was so amazing like some people say, would he really get enjoyment out of creating stuff?

By someone1624 — On May 21, 2010

anon84700 said- ``O.K. The earth is not that old. i would say it is around 4000 years old. if you believe this you also believe in evolution which means you believe that you came from rocks which came from a little dot of nothing that exploded into everything, which is not the smartest idea in the world. Also, if the earth was built with a bang, then i must be insane, because what bomb has ever built anything? All i have seen from a bomb is destruction.

Also a fact for you: the planets planets are slowly moving away from the sun on their axis. Also, the moon is moving away from the earth. Now if the earth was as old as you state, then obviously the moon was touching the earth a long, long, long, long, long, long, long time ago. Also that means that we where at one point way too close to the sun. Now if that were true, then there would be no way that there weren't any humans until the earth got to the perfect position from the sun.

Also, in case you didn't know, if we where .8 percent closer to the sun or away from the sun, we would either melt or freeze, so i would say that is a great design that we are in the perfect spot."

The Earth cannot be 4000 years old because 5000 years ago civilization existed and we have proof. The creation of Earth is very hard to understand for some minds. It is a very long subject.

About evolution- Evolution is a type of mutation but in a good way. If a mutation takes place(this can be a change in the DNA structure) and it is useful, we call it evolution. Not every mutation is useful. And most of the mutations are on such a small scale that we don`t even notice them.

About the Big Bang. First of all, the Big Bang was not an explosion in space, it was the expansion of the space it self. The Big Bang also started time. This means it was the starting of the time-space graph, where time=0 was the Big Bang.

For some minds who are not open to other ideas than "god," the Big Bang can be very hard to understand and accept. You said that "the Big Bang is an explosion" and that is a very wrong misunderstanding.

The Big Bang -as I said before- was not an explosion, but it was the expansion of space itself. The reason for the planets moving away from each other is because the space is still expanding and cooling down.

The life on earth was most probably created by chance (the greatest inventor). When some amino acids are in the perfect conditions they can form the DNA structure and "create" life. And yes- there was no life until the earth was in the perfect conditions for life to form.

The moon was probably created by a huge meteor hitting the earth in its early ages that caused a huge piece of "land" to move away from the earth and orbit around it. It is moving away because it is at a point where the centrifugal force is stronger than the gravitational force of the Earth.

The Earth is in a perfect position for us because we were adapted to it. If it was in a different place the living creatures would have adapt to it and it would be perfect for them. So the Earth is not designed for us but we were adapted for the Earth.

I follow the path of science and I think it is more rational to believe in facts and proof. I don`t believe in any sort of "god." I don`t understand how most people can believe something just because a book and a guy says so.

If some guy came now and said he got a message from another god no one would believe him right? It's the same idea. Well, i hope I helped. Can A Virus from Turkey (16 years old)

By anon85559 — On May 20, 2010

Why does everyone think God did everything. Back then they used God as a scapegoat, and saying that there is a higher power was just to give people hope and a reason for living. But get real. We are in the 21st century, not the 15th century.

Who knows if the stuff they're saying is real? Nobody knows and nobody will ever know so why do you worry about it? Think about the future not the past.

By anon84700 — On May 17, 2010

O.K. The earth is not that old. i would say it is around 4000 years old. if you believe this you also believe in evolution which means you believe that you came from rocks which came from a little dot of nothing that exploded into everything, which is not the smartest idea in the world. Also, if the earth was built with a bang, then i must be insane, because what bomb has ever built anything? All i have seen from a bomb is destruction.

Also a fact for you: the planets planets are slowly moving away from the sun on their axis. Also, the moon is moving away from the earth. Now if the earth was as old as you state, then obviously the moon was touching the earth a long, long, long, long, long, long, long time ago. Also that means that we where at one point way too close to the sun. Now if that were true, then there would be no way that there weren't any humans until the earth got to the perfect position from the sun.

Also, in case you didn't know, if we where .8 percent closer to the sun or away from the sun, we would either melt or freeze, so i would say that is a great design that we are in the perfect spot.

By anon83957 — On May 13, 2010

everyone on this earth say god made this earth but everyone is so confused that who made the lord almighty?

By anon83823 — On May 12, 2010

can you prove that the earth is 4.54 billion years old?

By anon81659 — On May 02, 2010

i have always been fascinated by the earth, and everything around it, but i understand how everyone is as confused as i. science makes so much sense, but I've read every comment on here, and no offense,but it kind of aggravates me, this whole religious vs. science thing.

i am no religion, but i don't know if i believe in heaven or hell. I have always been a very factual person, and i don't think that will change anytime soon. why the heck do you think I'm on a science website in the first place?

so please, just stop with all this " god is real" and "give god a try!", OK? But i do agree, we never know for sure.

But i do believe in one thing; everything happens for a reason. This "big Bang!" or "bombardment" is just what science has told us. amazing stuff, really. great way of explaining plainly and simply how the earth is thought to be created.

By anon81271 — On Apr 30, 2010

A thought to ponder: who knows what the earth was like over 4 billion years ago? Maybe, just maybe, the earth was like a huge incubator, having all the perfect conditions for life to start.

Perhaps we started out in the water, and that's why we're over 80 percent water, then slowly worked our way out of the water to breathe air. This happened all over the entire planet. That would explain the different colors, dark skin, light skin.

I can't think of any other way it could have happened, but i know god didn't do it.

By anon80520 — On Apr 27, 2010

God did it. That's the only answer. There was a big explosion. OK, so the earth was formed but then how do you explain how people came to be? think about it.

By anon80164 — On Apr 26, 2010

anon31533[number 4]has a point. Listen to this.

This is ridiculous. To think that an explosion just 'happened' and then there was the Earth is stupid.

Also, we did not evolve from monkeys. Some evolution theories have been proven false because people just made them up to sound smart or to be recognized.

There must be a explanation of this. If you find any thing out, just say so.

By anon80160 — On Apr 26, 2010

I myself don't get this because if god/Allah made us and earth. I'd say either believe this or your religion. You choose!

By anon79741 — On Apr 24, 2010

I can't stand people who rather than stand in awe and wonder of the universe, they assert that god did it. The pathetic god excuse! Anything we cannot explain: "Oh, god did it!" Like a verbal tick they can't get rid of. The truth is god is an unsupported, unverifiable hypothesis based on faith. If these people think an old man in the sky created this majestic universe, there is something wrong with them.

By anon79140 — On Apr 21, 2010

I know Allah created this earth and even every thing in this world such as the sun, moon, stars, humans, etc. in six days only.

By anon78931 — On Apr 20, 2010

don't you find it odd that everything on the earth that's so specific in its design could created by a freak accident? You don't have to look far to see how complex our world we live in is -- just look at humans, for example.

Do you think that we magically came into being by an explosion that just "happened" out of nowhere and created our earth, and how we are just the right distance from the sun to be the only life in the universe?

By anon78845 — On Apr 20, 2010

I know I'm young, but I know I'm smart as well. The Big Bang and evolution have been accepted as *facts*. Nothing has proved them wrong, aside from religion and that whole debate. The truth is, nobody really knows, and I don't think anyone will ever know, either.

I grew up Christian, and everything about God just confused me. When I started learning into the scientific part of it, it made more sense to me.

And I know you Christians think that God is more than definitely real, but how do you know? Did you die, go to heaven or hell and come back? Not exactly. I'm not putting anyone down, I'm just saying, stop posting "God is real!" comments on a science website. You look like a fool.

By anon77922 — On Apr 16, 2010

I write this knowing no one cares much, but hopefully someone realizes they are wasting their time commenting. Passion is great on the side of religion and on the side of science.


just try to appreciate the simplicity of this article to summarize the scientific view of the creation of earth.

If you are religious, don't post comments trying to debate on a science website. The same goes for a science geek making annoying comment on a religious website. Why bother?

Good article, simple overview if you don't want to read a whole book about the damn subject.

By exmortis — On Apr 15, 2010

to - anon77791. well its a personal choice, but you can't change the facts. it's a very debatable topic. and no one can answer that. the post i posted earlier says what science thinks. and by far it is the most accurate. the bible says other things. as for me, i do believe in god, but i do not figure worship, like christ etc.

By anon77791 — On Apr 15, 2010

God is real and i know because i have faith. He is not an imaginary friend that people didn't out grow. I can feel him with me in everyday life. If you have never trusted in him, how can you know it's not true? Open your hearts and give him a chance please.

By anon77371 — On Apr 14, 2010

To- anon77194, yup that was my mistake. thanks.

By anon77194 — On Apr 13, 2010

@Exmortis, i don't mean to be a pain but the sun didn't create the entire universe. the sun (our sun) created our solar system.

By exmortis — On Apr 13, 2010

i have read all the comments here and it all proves nothing. so why is everyone fighting instead of helping?

this is what i think. i do not believe that god created earth or any of the planets or anything. it all started with a small reaction between something that no one knows. the sun did give birth to our universe is true and it has been proved, and science says that everything that came on earth came through the oceans which were created by the asteroids, which had lava in it. small micro organisms started the evolution. And it just doesn't happen overnight.

It took millions of years, and it is true that we did evolve from apes. people who say there is no life on other planets, well it is a very false thing to say, as who knows? there could be something that lives in their own atmosphere and may not need a atmosphere like ours.

i believe everything has a reason. nothing can just appear or be created without nothing. if people say god created man, the bible says god created man in his image "before time." how can anything be created before time could start? how could I say that god created everything? was he just created like that and decided to do things? who gave him the knowledge? who told him to create men and women?

The bible just talks about what people want to know. And it's not true. these are my reasons so far. -- Exmortis

By anon77002 — On Apr 12, 2010

who discovered earth?

By anon76374 — On Apr 10, 2010

what about all the people in the world who have never heard of god (there are people who have never heard of god), like all those tribes out there who still live 100 percent off the land.

Are christians saying that all these people who have never heard of him, therefore never given the chance to accept god in to their hearts will be sent to hell because they don't believe in him? because the fact they have never heard of him?

You know what i mean? it's just crazy?

By anon76372 — On Apr 10, 2010

I'm an arguer of both sides. I like to keep an open mind and learn all i can. But for this I'll be on the science side of it.

All i can say is, what if one day they do end up proving the big bang theory is real? What if they do find life on another plant? That would wipe out the idea of a god completely.

The only way god would be proven is if he showed himself, the eyes have to see and the ears have to hear for the mind to truly believe.

And the biggest part? Think of all the bushmen tribes out there who have never heard of god because no christian ever made it to them to tell them about him. Their god is nature in itself. Most of them believe if you do something bad, it rains; something good the sun comes out. Even the indians back in the day (maybe still some today) they believed in spirits. If you angered them bad things happened; pleased them, good things happen.

I almost would rather there not be a god because then all of our work and studies and explorations, everything we as humans have ever accomplished would have been for nothing because it turned out a dude created it all in only seven days.

I just can't believe people think we're the only intelligent beings in the universe.

By anon76163 — On Apr 09, 2010

the Bible was written and inspired by the Holy Spirit, through man. Man could not write this well on his own and everything is so perfect.

By anon73820 — On Mar 29, 2010

It's so funny that so many people want to quote the bible, and say this theory is irrational. It is far more rational to believe what we have partial evidence for than to believe in a book (bible) solely written by man.

If this was the case I would believe that harry potter was real or dragons were slain by knights when we all know that this is ridiculous.

I'm not trying to put down religion but being a college student studying both theology and evolution, I can broadly see both sides of the argument.

For religious types who read this, you must not allow yourself to be biased, rather you must be open to the discussion. For people who have had religion drilled into them all their lives this might be a very hard thing to do, but if your always "set in your ways" how can you ever learn?

By anon73649 — On Mar 28, 2010

Who is to say that the bible isn't just a book of fiction?

Just because it's old doesn't mean it's fact!

You say that God created the everything. Your only proof is a book that has been manipulated through translation.

We have scientific proof that the Big Bang Theory actually happened.

For all the holier than thou christians commenting on this page, why don't you just go watch a scientific programme or even go take a science class?

God doesn't exist. He's just an imaginary friend that lots of people haven't grown out of.

Religion is what starts wars. It's science that stops them.

By anon72733 — On Mar 24, 2010

you ever ask the question who created the creator?

you ever wonder how it all began scientifically? it makes no sense. In third grade, when i learned about evolution, i laughed at the teacher and said haha. i'm no monkey. they have more chromosomes. you want to talk about the book of genesis, it talks about reptilians.

By bibleistrue — On Mar 20, 2010

the earth was created by god and the theory that it just happens because of the big bang is just stupid and idiotic.

at my school my science teacher said that once a girl said to her didn't god create the earth? (I'm a sixth grader and christian for all you Christians out there.) My science teacher said it is only a theory because no one was there to see it happen. I was enraged and later told people that it isn't a theory but fact!

Here is my proof: Read Genesis 1.

So put away all these stupid other theories and just listen to the bible. the truth!

By anon69783 — On Mar 10, 2010

@anon69242: Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. You have clearly failed to see how far science has come since the days of Aristotle (which were oh, just around 2300 years ago)

Aristotle, yes was a very wise man but he didn't have the resources or equipment we have today.

The universe was created around a singularity: a very, very, very, very small and hot point then by the forces of gravity, electromagnetism, strong force and weak force the expansion began to create the universe.

As for your light bulb theory. Of course the pieces won't build back up into the actual light bulb as it wasn't created by nature. However, if you looked how a mountain forms, the mountain itself will be eroded by wind and rain. Over time the parts of the mountain will end up in the sea through the movement of the particles in the water cycle. Over time these particles will build up in the sea bed and be subject to great amounts of pressure and heat over time, turning to rock (lithification) then as the sea levels rise or fall the rocks will be exposed, creating new mountains or new land.

This process could take millions of years but it still happens. The mountain was there but then it gets eroded (smashed) but over time it builds itself back up again.

By anon69242 — On Mar 07, 2010

Anyone ever head of Aristotle? Pretty bright fellow yet he believed that the earth was the center of the universe. Many people lived their life confident in the 'facts' known to them at the time.

How about all the good, honorable, 'intelligent' people who died thinking the world was flat? Here's my point. If you only adhere to the 'facts' then you are limiting yourself to what evidence/knowledge is available to you when you are alive. Which may not be true at all and yet you will trumpet how smart you are and put down those who can't seem to grasp your intellectualism.

Perhaps as you use your razor sharp intellect to dissect the secrets of the universe you should pause and ask how this complicated thing came to be in the first place.

And if you think it is chance then I would suggest you try to following experiment:

Take a light bulb and put it in a brown paper bag. Close the bag and smash it with a hammer. Now shake the bag until the light bulb returns to its proper form.

By anon68647 — On Mar 03, 2010

Poster No. 82, you bring up a good many interesting questions, many of which Christian thinkers have discussed for centuries.

I'm going to begin my answers with question no. 9, about Christian behavior. You're absolutely right: many people who say they are Christians do not act like it. They do not seem to understand the concept of being loving and kind to others, of not judging or condemning others. I certainly can't claim to be a loving, kind person 100 percent of the time. However, there are a couple of very good reasons for this seemingly inconsistent behavior.

First, Christians are still human. We still struggle with our human nature, which is often in direct opposition to what we know God wants from us, which is the aforementioned love. An example: have you ever known anyone who was on a diet for medical reasons who never, ever, ever ate something he/she knew was not on the foods list? Never cheated, even just a little? The person knows there are foods he or she doesn't need to eat, but will often eat just a small portion of a no-no food, just because it tastes good. So it is with Christians. We do fall to temptation just because we are still human. However, what you probably don't see is the person who fails and then repents sorrowfully before God.

Second, some people who call themselves Christians may not be, in actuality. Or, they may simply be so ignorant of what the Bible actually teaches that they are stumbling around in the dark and just don't know any better. Either scenario is possible, and very sad. Saying you are a Christian doesn't necessarily mean you are one. It's an inner, spiritual conversion. You don't take a test or get a license to be a Christian. And I am very sorry the people at the church you attended treated you in such an unloving way. It wasn't right, and rest assured--they will be held accountable at some point. Guaranteed.

Next, I'll address your question about God creating things that can harm humans. This is also a twofold answer. There are many creatures, venomous snakes, for example, that can harm humans, but they still play a vital role in the ecosystem. We would be overrun with rats and frogs without them. They have a function. So do many other dangerous natural things. Second, Christians believe that many of the natural hazards are a result of sin entering the world. The Bible confirms as much when it says "all creation is corrupted." So, many of the things in our world are a result of long-ago corruption. But Christians have the hope that all will be redeemed when Christ comes back in His glory. Which brings me to another query: when is the end of the world? Well, this actually jives with science, which does say the earth will eventually self-destruct in one way or another. However, just as science cannot predict an exact time, neither are Christians told an exact date of Christ's return. We are told to be ready for it, which means we need to concentrate on being the best Christians we can be.

So how did God create the earth in such a short time? We don't know that He did. The writer of Genesis wrote in words his readers would understand, which meant he used days and nights. I don't know how long it took God to create the earth. However, I do believe in a God who is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent, so if He wanted to create the earth in 24 modern hours, He could do it. I don't need to know how He did it, and I don't usually get hung up on "how." I concentrate on "Who" and that's enough for me. I have a college degree, so I'm educated enough to understand and investigate what I believe. I have and I'm still a Christian.

Why did God make other planets? Why not? They're not a hazard to us. He's a creative God. He likes to make things. Why did I crochet a shawl I don't use much? I like to make things.

Why does He allow us to kill each other? It's related to sin in the world. We are free moral agents. God gives us a conscience. With a few exceptions, we know murder is wrong. It's one of the most fundamental human instincts. However, we still choose to do it. And we always face the consequences, if not in this life, then in the next.

God didn't create hell for humans. He created hell for the devil and the other angels who rebelled against Him. We choose to go there when we reject God. Now, as for other religions in the world, I don't know how God will deal with those folks. I believe, as the Bible says, that God will judge us on what we know. But how fair would it be if a man like Adolf Hitler died and just ceased to exist or went to heaven? To me, that would be the ultimate in an unfair God. There would be anarchy and no consequences for our actions. We can stay out of hell, though, because God is a forgiving God. We just have to ask for that forgiveness. Fortunately, it's free.

Different races from two people? I don't know. But I do know God did it. Again, it's a "Who" thing, not a "How" thing.

What difference does it make if the Bible never mentioned dinosaurs? They don't much impinge on human history, and the Bible is primarily concerned with human history and God's actions in history. There are many animals not mentioned in the Bible.

As for the author of the Bible, even scholars who are non-believers agree it was written by many authors, which is all the more remarkable. There are obvious stylistic differences in different books, which point to different authors. No one had a vision or diary in his head and wrote it all down, in tota. Many biblical events are, in fact, supported by separate sources. Contemporary historical records show, for example, that King Solomon was a real person and was famous throughout the known world for being a wise and prosperous king.

I don't know if I answered any of your questions definitively, but even science doesn't have definitive answers to everything. There's still a lot we do not know, and may never know.

One thing I have seen over the years: We expect God to act as *we* think He ought to act and get upset when He doesn't follow *our* particular rules. He's supposed to do things just as we think He should do them, or He's not God. He's just a fraud. Personally, I'm glad He follows His laws consistently. We would all be in trouble if He was as capricious as humans are.

I just want to call your attention to the numbers of schools, hospitals and other charitable organizations formed in the name of God. How much art, music and literature would not exist were it not for the name of God? While these acts are certainly not confined to those who are Christians, by any means, how many times have you heard of people who helped their neighbors in a time of crisis, because they felt it was their duty as Christians? Even if they didn't know the person, they gave of their time and resources, to minister in the name of Jesus Christ.

I can only be responsible for my conduct. I can't make everyone in the Christian body behave themselves. My job is to be responsible for myself and how I behave. My job is, as is expressed in Micah 6:8, to "do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with my God." That's all I can do.

May God bless you and give you peace.

By anon68645 — On Mar 03, 2010

Come now,and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be like crimson,they shall be as wool. Isaiah 1:20

By random — On Mar 03, 2010

Personally, I agree with anon 39951.

By anon68542 — On Mar 03, 2010

All of the comments on this page are very interesting to me. I've read each one and i honestly think that this is a very tricky issue to talk about.

Today i got into an argument with a friend over why people believe in god and how god made earth. He told me god made everything; so i replied well why is there so much evidence that god didn't do the things the bible says? i have only gone to church once in my life and i listened to everything. honestly it didn't answer my questions. I thought church going people should be nice but what they did was truly cruel. They told me i had the devil inside of me just because i asked them questions about god and why i should believe he has created the things he did.

Honestly aren't you guys supposed to be loving and want to spread the love for god? how is there a heaven and a hell. where is it? if god forgives his children then why would he make hell?

i know people who love church but don't apply what they learn in the bible to their lives. Example: my boyfriend's mother says she loves god and she will not judge, but when she met me and found out i didn't go to church she hated me and judged me before she even knew me.

I believe that church may teach you the basics of how to respect others and treat others but honestly i don't believe that god has made our planet. how can god make our earth. Everyone has different beliefs. Think about it. Hawaiians believed that there were many gods, not just one god. so what happens to everyone else? we all go to hell just because we don't believe in one god? Scientists have proven facts and theories. Honestly, whoever is stuck on the bible is crazy. No offense, but have you ever thought about who wrote the bible. People back then would believe anything. It could have been a crazy guy who had a voice in his head and he wrote a diary/book, which he made other people believe in which caused the rest of the church going people to believe that it was real. you cannot say because you were not living at that time. can you really say you know it's true?

it makes more sense to me that particles were smashed together. How do you make diamonds? Diamonds are made from carbon being pushed together with a lot of force, just like how the particles were pushed together with force which made other things which led to the birth of earth.

so if you can answer the following questions in detail so i can understand it i shall go to church the rest of my life.

1) why did god make other planets?

2) why would god let his children kill each other?

3) if we were made from just two people wouldn't we all be related, so why do we have different races? Why are we different colors? it must mean that adam was half of the earth ethnicity and eve was the other half?

4) why was there evidence of dinosaurs but there is nothing in the bible about dinosaurs?

5) if god is forgiving why is there a hell?

6) why are there different beliefs because if there was only one god everyone would believe in only one god not buddha, hawaiian gods, etc.

7)If god made earth in such a short period why didn't he leave evidence so all his children will believe in him?

8) the bible stated the earth was going to come to an end right? So when is that going to happen and how?

9) everyone on this site who believes in god, tell me why you show hate in your comments. if you believed in god shouldn't you know how to respect others' opinions and show love and wish the best for others no matter what they think?

10) why would god make things which harm humans (his children) such as spiders, snakes, bacteria, viruses, etc.?

By anon68506 — On Mar 02, 2010

There is now compelling evidence that we and the higher apes have a common ancestor.

The anti evolutionists have said for instance that chimps and humans cannot be closely related because we have only 23 chromosomes while they have an extra one.

Recently it has been shown that one of ours was created by the linking up of two of them! Chromosomes have distinctive end code sequences,which happen to occur doubled in the middle of one of our chromosomes, where they don't belong.

The evidence for evolution of life is simply overwhelming, and 99 percent of all the species on the planet that lived in the preceding billion years or so have become extinct and their fossils can be dated, but many of their crucial genes have been passed on.

We share so-called developmental genes with worms and fruit flies! And are all part of the continuum of life on his planet going back over 2 billion years. The Genesis story has absolutely nothing to do with the facts. It happens to be based on an earlier Sumerian epic, the tale of Gilgamesh.

Blind unquestioning faith is just dumb. We are an intelligent species. We are not sheep. We think, we infer, we seek to know and understand. If we find seashells in the Himalayas,or the Rockies we conclude that they were under water once, and we can find out when this took place.

Observable facts are the basis of science and of evolutionary theory. A theory is not just a conjecture or hypothesis that someone dreams up. It must survive critical scrutiny and must be capable of being disproved.

Darwin has always been validated. In fact, our detailed understanding of genetics has put his findings from the "Origin of Species" on a firm foundation.

As to the existence of God,it must be an entity beyond our Universe and beyond our limited understanding and will remain so, but I must state that I find the irascible, odious, even criminal tribal Deity from the Jewish Bible simply repulsive.

By anon68133 — On Mar 01, 2010

if god created everything, how do you explain dinosaurs? where in the bible are they mentioned? The Big Bang is the most probable theory to the beginning of everything, and the universe is still expanding from this explosion.

To all the people who have been saying that if we evolved from apes why are we not still evolving? The simple answer is that we are. Look back through the history books, and look how far we have developed. We all used to be farmers living off the land and nowadays we're living in skyscrapers with computers and can order food over the phone. That is evolution. If we could see millions of years into the future I'm sure you would see the evolution patterns we've seen that prove we evolved from apes.

As for the creation of the earth, you need to go back to the formation of the universe which has been most likely caused by the Big bang theory. About 13.7 billion years ago the universe was created around a singularity, a very, very, very, very small and hot point then by the forces of gravity, electromagnetism, strong force and weak force the expansion began.

The Big Bang theory doesn't say everything just appeared, like the bible (seven days to create everything we see. i don't think so). The big bang theory covers over 380,000 years of expansion and differentiation of particles building up from sub-atomic particles to atoms from atoms to gases, constantly cooling and condensing into particles of matter.

Over time these particles collide and join together building up from specs of dust into boulders of stuff and then finally into planets. Due to gravity, the particles are attracted to each other then through strong force the particles are bonded.

Nine billion years from the beginning of the universe, the earth's solar system was created and the sun was formed, the creation of the sun allowed for the less matter within it to expand outwards. The expansion of this material cooled and condensed and although cooling occurs it was still hot enough to be molten. The earth is mainly a body of iron and nickel, cooling has allowed for these dense materials to sink to the center of our planet making our core.

The solar radiation from the sun had effects on the surface of our planet differential occurred creating new elements allowing for the formation of primordial soup from which the first signs of any life form was created about 11 billion years from the big bang. Oxygen begins to form in the earth's atmosphere.

Through evolution plants and animals developed from the primordial soup. About 13.5 billion years after the big bang humans first appeared in the continent of africa.

By anon66703 — On Feb 21, 2010

If god exists, why is there so much destruction in the world? If he is really the father, he needs some parenting classes.

By anon66389 — On Feb 19, 2010

How did you find all this info? And how is it all true? Can you prove it?

By anon66165 — On Feb 18, 2010

Big bang and evolution happened. Watch the Science, National Geographic and History channel. Once in a while, they have some shows on there about this stuff. Even go take a class at a local college and learn about it. I can go on and on about this but won't. I will just point out some things, the rest you can look up or learn on your own if you're really interested.

You can believe in what you want. I was raised christian and feel like that did help me learn morals and how to be a good person but I rather stick with facts that can be proven than God creating everything in six days. If he created man on the sixth day, where do the dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures fit in?

If there was just adam and eve, then we would all be related and be going against the bible by marrying cousins.

some facts: Earth was formed 4.6 billion ago; the moon is part of earth(iron) that formed bc a meteor hit earth when it was magma (orbited around earth forming moon, part was also sucked back into earth creating the core).

Life started 4 billion years ago on earth (evidence in rocks and meteors, single celled)

evolution happened and still is happening.

dinosaurs died from a meteor strike; smaller mammals survived and evolved; survival of the fittest; variations among species.

If you don't think evolution happened, explain why there are different races with humans by locations around the world?

The universe is always expanding due to big bang

things to think about: If there was just adam and eve, then we would all be related and be going against the bible by marrying cousins or whatever.

How can you part the sea and walk on water?

Never said Jesus wasn't real. Who created god?

Time was created by humans by measuring the earth rotating around the sun.

Life exists elsewhere in the universe: Drake's equation. (they don't have to be water based and breath oxygen, different topic though.)

The universe is so large that we can't be the only ones that are intelligent.

So take in this info, and think before you go posting a rant on something you have no idea what you're talking about because you were raised to learn god was the creator and you were sheltered and haven't had a chance to learn anything else.

By anon65886 — On Feb 16, 2010

Evolution? Really? Then why are we not still evolving? And the Big Bang theory? What was "space" evolved from? This is all too much for most of the puny brains out there to fathom due to the fact that no one knows of anything other than life and death. And that is exactly how it is supposed to be.

Of course no one will understand that the world was created. Why would they? Its far too complex for a human to grasp.

By anon65838 — On Feb 16, 2010

Well, God is real. He's the one who created everything and the bible has time and again been proved.

If you don't believe or live without faith, you will one day know that he's there. I'm so sorry for all of you who haven't grown up in a bible based home or have, but have drifted away from God, but listen to me now: He is real!

How do you think the bible made it through all these years and has survived? I wish everyone would come to know him and that everyone could live with such a hope that I have.

With God, you know that, no matter how bad it gets, no matter how many troubles you have, you're going through life to make it to heaven and that the Lord is always there. He never makes you go through something you can't make it through.

Have some faith. If he wasn't real i wouldn't be where I am today. I have been blessed!

By anon65244 — On Feb 11, 2010

Telling us "God believers" to look up the big bang and learn about it. No. Its a theory.

So why don't you look up and learn about the bible, instead of telling us to look up things you believe in.

By anon64780 — On Feb 09, 2010

There was a big question asked; Who created God? This question in itself is an answer because it emphasizes a Presence. How did anything get created? Scientists can keep on researching they will always have a question that they will never be able to answer. That's God!

By anon64060 — On Feb 04, 2010

OK people, for all you bible bashers out there, here's an idea: spend some time researching the "big bang" theory before you go shooting your traps off about it being rubbish.

After all, if your faith is so strong, a little research won't kill it, right? I spent all my life believing in "god" and learning the bible until one day I came to the conclusion that the bible is rubbish. God does not exist and trust me, the sooner you realize that the sooner you can rid your mind of the rubbish and start filling it with true, proven scientific facts. Ohh and the "big bang" theory did not happen in one day, it was a process that took millions of years and did not come from nowhere, it came from massive clouds of gas in space just like the ones that exist today. As for water, maybe it rained!

By anon63969 — On Feb 04, 2010

in my opinion God created the whole universe. let me explain how. we estimate the age of universe to be about 14 billion years old. we know the earth is about 5 billion years old and we can only go back a few hundred million years after the big bang to observe the universe.

God is not an object or a person. God is an idea. What we don't understand is God. anything that can't be explained or observed is God in my opinion.

Religions complicate things by introducing the trinity, five pillars, monkey gods etc. heaven and hell is an illusion to keep humanity sane. they are there to provoke fear and motivation.

By anon63661 — On Feb 02, 2010

To the person posting about his mouse being black is a fact and science is all fiction. Are you seriously suggesting that everything in the bible is fact? Because i have not yet seen or heard of god speaking to me through the clouds, burning bushes, a dead man coming back to life after being dead for three days, and i could go on about a sea being parted through the middle, or even a man walking on water. I still have not seen the proof of that.

So come on, most things in the bible are kind of too good to be true. I think you and the other people calling the scientists in those suits and non-believers dumb, are fuming crazy!

Prove to me the bible is real first.

And for anyone who says the we as humans are not evolving, look at the flat screen in your living room or the black mouse or maybe the video game that you spend all day playing because that's all you do is sit around. That's evolving, 100 years ago, not even 50 years ago, were people thinking of inventions like that and producing them?

Just think of how comfortable your life is. I can go on and on.

By anon61896 — On Jan 23, 2010

It's hilarious that some people say evolution is just stupid. These are the kind of people who do not know the first thing about evolution. It's a scientific fact and theory. Why don't these people doubt gravity or quantum physics?

If they want to challenge evolution, they first need to study it and know the facts and the theory behind it, instead of spouting off silly assertions which they cannot back up with evidence, which is something that evolution has mountains of.

By mandaluvzyuh — On Jan 18, 2010

anon58686: Yes christians do believe in God, and he created everything, however that doesn't mean we overlook all the scientific "facts".

Dude, I'm telling you right now my computer mouse is black. I just stated a fact. Just like the scientists state facts about how this earth was created.

They have so many theories as to how earth was created but there isn't any proof!

Theory of evolution - not yet proved.

String theory: not yet proven.

By mandaluvzyuh — On Jan 18, 2010

God is real, and did create this universe. People are just dumb and believe all this theory crap, because some big fancy man in a suit thinks he can convince us that a theory is reality. Ha! You all need to go to church and listen, otherwise you will just go to hell for not having faith in God. Stop being so stupid in believing that this theory is real.

Look around you. This didn't just happen. It happened because of God.

All this land, and Earth around you was by the grace of God.

By anon61095 — On Jan 18, 2010

God is real. All these theories are just garbage. Anyone can make assumptions over anything. Unfortunately, people are dumb and just listen to the "big guys" because they are a part of a big organization.

By anon60472 — On Jan 14, 2010

I just have to say this to you, anon21619. You are a very intelligent person. I gotta tell you that, because you make very, very good points.

One thing i must say, i believe most things your saying. But i do believe there is a god. I do believe in the scientific evidence also. That i cannot deny! Keep making good points man! Much respect!

By anon60382 — On Jan 13, 2010

there might be a god but has it ever been proven that he is real? the bible could just be a bunch of bullcrap! the person who started christianity could have just been wanting to be recognized.

By anon59736 — On Jan 10, 2010

How was the solar system created? The black nothingness, how far does it go? is there some other species living 100000000000000000000000 miles away? Are we some sort of experiment? Is god really real? Which i hope he is, than we don't just die and become a vegetable

Well anyway, there's so many questions, and they aren't going to be answered to the full extent in any of our lifetimes. We will only have to find out when we die.

By anon59359 — On Jan 07, 2010

The missing pieces of the Earth's creation puzzle seem to be cut to fit after scientists see what is missing. In other words, modern science sees the finished product of the world and and fills in the blanks to what supposedly happened. If i cut my own puzzle piece out because I lost the original is it still the same puzzle as the original?

On the other hand, the bible was written thousands of years ago without modern science and and has just as strong theories of how the Earth was made and continues to make accurate predictions.

well i better head out. gotta check and see if my sunglasses big banged themselves back together again! I got the 2 billion year warranty on em' --they better have!

By anon59223 — On Jan 07, 2010

sometimes, i find myself embarrassed to call myself a christian. the reason? most of the posters on this website that ally themselves with the christian side of the debate.

you won't find a christian who thinks that the science behind physics is false, but when they are confronted with science that poses some contradiction to the bible, they go absolutely nuts and claim that science is all false, and blah de blah.

try this on for size, "christians."

do you really think, in the times when the books of the bible were written, anyone would have been able to comprehend the nature of the universe? their biggest scientific achievement was learning that sharp things kill people.

i believe that the bible serves a certain purpose: to teach us how to be good people. i do not, in any way, believe that the bible was supposed to give us a detailed account of the nature of the universe.

say what you want about what the bible says and does not say. the facts are the facts. in my honest opinion, anyone who ignores facts is a fool. there is not one single shred of evidence to support the idea that the earth itself was formed any less than ~4.5 billion years ago. anyone who defends the idea that the earth is ~5000 years old is just fooling themselves.

your faith isn't based on this stuff. it's based in God and his love. try not to forget that when you get murderously angry reading this post.

By anon58907 — On Jan 05, 2010

I am the one that quoted #13. Just one more thing, If the big bang is so unthinkable, then why is it still happening today? Why do we see and study it happening in other universes? and if god created earth, then how do you explain mercury, venus, mars, jupiter, saturn, uranus, pluto and other planets/systems? where did they come from? did god have a brother? or maybe mary made those few. anyway, take care.

By anon58906 — On Jan 05, 2010

I am agnostic. I don't believe in heaven or god but you have got to go somewhere. Entire lifetimes just vanishing seems awkward to me. Anyway, I personally believe in Darwin, evolution, and the Big Bang. These things are tangible, have evidence, and make sense to me. However, I do have to say, I am somewhat amused at all the comments that say "oh your going to be sorry when jesus comes back"... how long has he been coming back? seven years of judgment... really? so. 2,000/7= i think that makes god about 1,993 years late. not much of a appointment keeper, eh? My favorite comment though #13 -

"God created the earth. People that make up scientific explanations are wrong. Just because they don't believe in god doesn't mean that they are right. --Riley"

That could be turned around. Just because you do believe in God doesn't make you right either. Anyway, I think that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Take care, believe in what you want to, and most importantly, live life, instead of worrying about how it became.

By anon58686 — On Jan 03, 2010

OK, here's the thing, I hate people who never leave room for facts, or for that matter, logic and reasoning. They lay everything on God, and never think about things. As in, people automatically think that God created everything, and then leave it at that. You have to think about these types of things through, if nobody did, then we would all be stupid.

I do believe in God, although i'm not so sure what religion I am, but i don't overlook all the evidence that scientists have found. I am a 16 year old boy, and sometimes I feel like a genius because of all the stupid people out there that overlook everything and say God created everything, then when you disagree,they call you an atheist. I laugh at most matters.

But to sum it all up, i'm not an atheist. i believe in God. Also, I believe in evolution, like most smart and intelligent humans out there. Keep in mind, this was not to "insult" or "make fun of" anyone on here, looking at these comments. This is just to inform you guys what my beliefs are on this situation, this is what comments are for.

And if you do get upset, then i feel sorry for you, and you need to learn more about the universe and what scientists believe, then maybe you won't get so upset.

Thank you for your time, and may everyone on here live great lives pursuing what they believe, and trust in.

By anon58404 — On Jan 01, 2010

God's word, the Bible, states clearly that the earth and the universe were all created in six days. Days are literal 24 hour periods in the Hebrew translation in the Genesis accounts. The Bible shows clearly that that the Bib Bang was not God's method for creating all matter.

The Big Bang takes billions of years, God created the universe in six literal days.

Think about it: Adam and Eve the first humans on earth. It has been proven mathematically that in a short period of time that two people can produce many children and like the Biblical accounts before the flood God allowed people to live almost 1,000 years Adam and Eve had a lot of children before they died and their children's children.

The evidence is overwhelming for a young earth not an earth that is claimed to be 4.5 billion. There is so much order and pattern to the universe that proves an intelligent designer. The Bible says that no one is with out excuse because God has proven Himself in His creation. The very idea of a Big Bang came from a false model that proved nothing other than mankind could not reproduce the conditions for earth to exist. And this is the model that a lot of people base their view of the earth's existence.

There are Bible accounts that were written thousands of years ago and have come true on every account that the Bible has stated. The fact that even one account has come true with the detail and accuracy is not possible for man, but only possible for God.

God has shown us these accounts in His word so we as mankind can find our way back to a right relationship with our Creator, like it was in the Garden before we rebelled against God and chose our way instead of God's way. No one can deny that a man Jesus walked the earth 2010 years ago. Historically and Biblically He walked the earth. Jesus walked the earth for 33 years and changed the world. His message was a message of salvation to every person.

Jesus came to show us the way the truth and the life. Jesus is the only way to right relationship with the Creator of the universe. The Bible says that Jesus is the only one standing in the gap for all mankind before a holy and perfect God. God said that whoever receives my Son Jesus receives me. God's word is the same yesterday today and forever. We change and man's science changes and changes, only to discover that God's word was correct all along.

The only problem is mankind has not accepted that God got it correct the first time. We think somehow God needs are help in figuring out how He created the universe. The Bible says the universe cannot contain Him. He is a big and awesome God. I hope you choose to serve Him and trust Him as I have done. A person cannot find true joy and peace until they make Jesus Christ Lord of their lives.

By anon57526 — On Dec 23, 2009

animals were here long before man and dinosaurs. god wiped them all out and it's just amazing how he made it rain for thousands of years to create oceans, made glaciers to form lakes all for the survival of mankind. none of these things happened by chance. there is a creator and it's not just science.

where is the scientist's bible to give the credit to the guy that made this wonderful place? i would like to see it. if it was me doing these miraculous things i would want my credit. god is real.

By anon56212 — On Dec 13, 2009

if there was a big bang, and everything did form from that, then why and how could/would the planets be formed into a spherical shape, when it could have been formed into any shape anyone could imagine?

By anon56210 — On Dec 13, 2009

i say that god created it, like he created bacon (which is good). And by the way, what dud cause this "big bang" from occurring and causing such events?

By anon55538 — On Dec 08, 2009

The theory of evolution makes more sense to me than the Bible. Since energy cannot be created or destroyed, I believe we are all created by the universe.

Earth was first created by bombardment of particles and debris from space billion years ago. So are the rest of planets in the solar system. But due to different conditions and types of particles that collides, this makes each planet unique and has different environment.

As for living things, i believe the first organism, which is most probably a unicell organism, was created from the energy contained in the universe.

Free energy from the universe somehow binds atoms together and forms DNA and somehow this DNA can only grow and survive in what we call Earth today. Then evolution happens and gave birth to many new species that evolves throughout time.

There are many ways of evolution, and who knows humans evolve differently from monkeys may be true?

I don't mean to offend anyone here who may have their own religious point of view or other scientific explanations. But this is what makes the most sense to me.

And I believe the universe is always there giving out and receiving energy from us. Which is why we are always encouraged to think positive, so we will be sending out positive energy (in the form of thoughts) to the universe and some day the universe will give us back this positive energy in some other form (which we may call good luck).

Who knows, the God everybody is praying to all the while may be the Universe? Just that different people interpret it differently which came out with so many religions today. After all, there is only a creator of Earth and living things.

By anon55186 — On Dec 05, 2009

Here's the big question. Who created god? If something can't just come from nothing, then how did "god" get there?

By anon54810 — On Dec 02, 2009

"something cannot be created by nothing and there is no such thing infinite or eternal. "

- anon45396

In response to this. You are half right. Something comes from something else. You are wrong in the eternal part. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it is only changed.

So indirectly, from a certain point of view energy is eternal. Just not in the same constant form.

As for god and evolution; if god made the sun, and the idea of time depends on the position of the sun relative to the earth, then from god's perspective how long is a day?

Without the sun, how can time be measured? And for evolution every artist has a tool to work their masterpiece. Michelangelo had the brush, and made the sistine chapel, the greeks had the hammer and chisel. is it hard to fathom that god used evolution to create all of this?

I'm not religious, though I do know something far greater than any of us is out there.

By anon54293 — On Nov 29, 2009

OK the bible was written thousands of years ago and all the predictions in it are all right and are still happening. man, people come up with crzy beliefs!

By anon54291 — On Nov 29, 2009

i'm going to pray for you anon21619-!

By anon53343 — On Nov 20, 2009

i think we should stop worrying about all of this and get on with our lives and take advantage of the beautiful earth that "was given to us" whatever side you're on.

By anon52942 — On Nov 17, 2009

I think it's just funny how its so hard for believers to think that the black hole just appeared. Whatever your answer for god could be the answer for the big bang theory or is god the only thing that can magically appear?

By anon51637 — On Nov 07, 2009

I believe in God. People believe in the big bang theory but the scientific method said that there has to be electricity to make what people say made th big bang theory. There are three: the holy spirit, God the son and God the father. Now people obviously don't have anything better to do and say we came from monkeys. God does love everybody even you people that don't believe him because he is your father. we came from men. God forgives and he will judge you when you die. God will never hate. The more you hate him the more he loves you.

By anon51625 — On Nov 07, 2009

I love the 'God created everything debate'. The universe was created from a single point of nothingness(singularity) the only two places in nature this 'singularity' occurs is at the beginning of time and at the center of a black hole. A single point of 'nothingness' goes against everything we have learned from nature, but space and time are on a completely different level to nature as we know it, so it is perfectly possible for the beginning of the universe to have come from nothing, and therefore just as possible and likely that the universe will end up as 'nothing' in the future.

Don't question 'where did nothingness come from', like I said, it's not nature as we know it.

By anon51501 — On Nov 06, 2009

God created everything: life, water, light, darkness, earth, soil, plants, fungi, life, humans and animals. If you don't believe in god, then think about how you were created and where people come from. where did animals come from? how did everything come together? why are we alive? why are we in this life? why are you in this body? were you meant to do something? i don't know, but i what i do know is that god is almighty.

by the way i don't believe in any religion but i do believe in god and i believe there is only one god.

By anon50979 — On Nov 02, 2009

OK so i am reading all of these comment., first of all let me say that i don't believe in God, but for everyone who is claiming an argument for him, you all have answers that follow the same argument and path. most of the people's answers are, "how can the big bang theory happen, it is just ridiculous, we didn't evolve, doesn't the bible just make more sense than one day the universe came together and boom" -- that is the point of this whole argument. human beings naturally fear the unknown, which is why we always want answers. because we know little about how the earth just miraculously happened and how everything was created with the correct amount of oxygen levels etc so we could live. people then could only rely to one answer to make them feel more safe and allow themselves to realize that there may be some meaning in this life because science hadn't proved all the answers yet. that is obviously where religion comes in and people just think it is easier to believe and understand that God created everything because it is the simplest theory to understand. space and earth is too large a subject for us humans to get our heads around, and so because of that people's fears led them to believe in faiths (because they shed some light on how it could have happened in a simpler and more "beautiful" way). in the end, this debate will continuously go on. i think the answers to our whole existence will never be truly fully known. maybe we were never meant to know how we became. maybe we are too blind to realize that that is the true answer. rant over.

By anon50020 — On Oct 25, 2009

if some one finds happiness in thinking god is helping him in all situations, then let me say his thought is god for him.

By anon49867 — On Oct 23, 2009

OK, here is a question? How was space created?

God? Or an explosion out of nothing?

Think about it.

By anon48999 — On Oct 16, 2009

All I can say is you're foolish to think everything in this life was left to chance, and that life will continue this way forever, with death, crime and some forth. Good luck on that belief. I know what i believe! It makes perfect sense. I suppose your brain and thought patterns happened by chance too.

By anon48614 — On Oct 13, 2009

Okay why the heck is religion getting involved here? Okay, now some texans are crazy about religion in their schools, then religion gets involved with politics (gay marriage for example) and now on a science website, there's a link "Who created God?" okay people, what up?

By anon48265 — On Oct 11, 2009

god created earth and don't say he didn't.

By anon46892 — On Sep 29, 2009

i don't care if you're christian or scientology. i personally favor science, only because scientists have proven stuff. but whichever side you favor, its hard to "truly believe" that either is true cause there is so much unknown information for both sides, so basically this topic will forever be an ongoing argument, and the "winner" will just be who knows their stuff the best.

By exmortis — On Sep 18, 2009

To - anon45556 well said, but you must not believe that there is no God because of the reasons you gave. the reason is pretty simple as i explained earlier in these posts: that "something cannot be created by nothing" and there is no such thing called as eternal, etc., etc. You must know that all "holy" books were man made... and a person's figment of imagination can run wild. science isn't a imagination of some person. it is by far the most accurate. the holy books people read are the stuff that everyone wants to read, if you know what i mean.

By anon45556 — On Sep 17, 2009

Okay, I'm going to kind of tell a story. So, today at school (i'm in seventh grade) this one stupid kid made fun of me because I don't believe in god, and he yelled it in the lunch room and everyone looked at me. Nice, huh? I was asking questions to try and get him to see why I don't believe in god. Everyone else at my lunch table was religious, and they're my friends, but we kind of got annoyed at each other. I think that if he is powerful enough to create the whole universe and humans who have very complicated systems, why doesn't he help suffering people? My friends say god loves everyone, but if he loved everyone he wouldn't let all those people suffer and die in gas chambers in the Holocaust. And don't say that he can't control people. My friends said he can't, and they also said he controlled the whole universe and created humans, how does that make sense. That's like saying someone can control a cat, but they can't control a mouse. I also know someone who said that god made the Holocaust, so that people can learn not to be bad. God didn't make Hitler bad, and even if god did make the Holocaust happen to teach people, it's sick. In order to teach a lesson why does he have to kill many innocent people? That would be hypocritical. So, that's why I don't believe in god, and the reason I don't think he created earth is because scientists have devoted their whole lives to figure out the beginning of the universe. Have you ever seen the movie Religilous? It's an easy way to learn about reasons of why god doesn't exist. (And it's funny) Also, I just thought of this; if there is a messed up guy who rapes and tortures and kills a young girl, but he asks god for forgiveness will god love him? My friends said that he loves everyone! Oh great! god loves child rapists and murderers. I'm not interested in believing in someone who loves child rapists. And I don't mean to hurt people's feeling, but those are just my thoughts. And I'm also sorry if it took a long time to read! I like to write :)

By anon45416 — On Sep 16, 2009

Anon45396: I did not attack you in any way. I simply stated my point of view. If you feel differently, then we just disagree. I don't hate you for feeling that way. I didn't imply you were stupid or ignorant or any such thing. However, please allow me to correct a couple of misconceptions on your part. Christians have never said they were the oldest religion, by any means. They came out of Judaism, which they certainly knew existed before Christianity. They dated their years AD and BC because the birth of Christ was the most significant event in their lives. As Christianity became more widespread, more people followed this convention, and it eventually became the Western standard -- over a long period of time. Also, Jesus Christ was a real person. Now, whether you believe He is who He said He was or not is beside the point. There was a Jewish religious figure named Jesus. The non-Christian historian Josephus mentions Jesus as a contemporary, and He is also mentioned in other contemporary historical accounts. Even renowned atheist scientists such as Richard Dawkins readily admit a person named Jesus, son of Joseph, a carpenter from Galilee existed. They just do not believe He was divine. The beauty of living in a free society is that we have the absolute freedom to believe, or not believe, as we choose. I choose to believe. You choose not to believe. I didn't attack you for not believing, nor did I try to convert you. However, you attacked my beliefs. It doesn't change the way I believe, and I fervently hope it never "sinks in" my brain, as you put it. I'm happy and fulfilled in my life, and I wish the same for you. Peace and blessings to you.

By anon45398 — On Sep 16, 2009

To - anon45386 Genesis 1:26 - And God said, Let us make man in *our* image, after *our* likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. And god created man before time.

By anon45396 — On Sep 16, 2009

There is no such thing as GOD. When will you realize that? i didn't mean to be rude, but that is the fact. there was no such man called Jesus Christ. even the time era that is A.D. and B.C. were made by Christians who claimed that Christianity was the first religion, which that too is now proved wrong. The Hindus Valley Civilization is the oldest in the world. And that religion is now Indian. All you need to do is open your eyes and see. nothing can just exist without being there. i say it again and hope it sinks in your brain. something cannot be created by nothing and there is no such thing infinite or eternal. we call the space infinite as we cannot count or estimate the vastness of space. that doesn't mean its not countable. You need to see facts. and not have blind faith in something that never existed.

By anon45386 — On Sep 16, 2009

Anon45363: The Bible does not say a word about man being created "before time." I suggest you re-read the first two chapters of Genesis to confirm this. Also, He created humans for companionship. Sounds strange, but as a Christian, I believe it is true. Christians believe God is I Am. That is, He has no present, no past. He always was. No one created Him. He has always been omniscient, omnipresent. This is a tough concept to wrap your brain around, I'll admit. However, not even all Christians believe the seven-day Creation story as literal fact. I believe the Bible is figurative, as well as literal, and as long as I have the Who part straightened out, the How can take care of itself. I don't have the mental capacity to understand the forces that shaped the earth -- no human does. Our brains just aren't that large. I also believe in the possibility of life on other planets. This doesn't bother me. I don't go looking for UFOs, but neither do I discount the possibility of life on other worlds. If God created the earth, certainly He has the option of creating elsewhere. I appreciate the poster who said that, even though he didn't believe in God, he also didn't believe in attacking others because of their belief. I try never to attack others because of their beliefs, or non-belief, as the case may be. All I can tell you is what God has done for me, personally, and that He is by far the best part of my life. I don't know how He created the earth and for me, it doesn't matter. I rest in the knowledge that He did it, however He did it, and He is in control. I sleep well at night knowing someone is manning the engine room, so to speak. Blessings to you all.

By anon45363 — On Sep 16, 2009

i have read all the comments here and it all proves nothing. so why is everyone fighting instead of helping? this is what i think. i do not believe that god created earth or any of the planets or anything. it all started with a small reaction between something that no one knows. the sun did give birth to our universe is true and it has been proved, and science says that everything that came on earth came through the oceans which were created by the asteroids, which had lava in it. small micro organisms started the evolution. And it just doesn't happen overnight. It took millions of years, and it is true that we did evolve from apes. people who say there is no life on other planets, well it is a very false thing to say, as who knows? there could be something that lives in their own atmosphere and may not need a atmosphere like ours. i believe everything has a reason. nothing can just appear or be created without nothing. if people say god created man, the bible says god created man in his image "before time." how can anything be created before time could start? how could I say that god created everything? was he just created like that and decided to do things? who gave him the knowledge? who told him to create men and women? bible just talks about what people want to know. And it's not true. these are my reasons so far. -- Exmortis

By anon45305 — On Sep 15, 2009

i hate all the people who just say ohh god did it. It's just stupid and ignorant. there are people who spend their life researching things like these compiling meticulous evidence and making a strong case and people come along and instead of listening some one who dedicated their life to studying this, i will believe a book written 2000 years ago. As Nietzsche so eloquently put it "faith is not wanting to know what is true."

By anon45191 — On Sep 14, 2009

A lot of people think there is the big bang theory. i think that is just stupid. i'm not calling the people stupid, just the theory. how is there water on the earth if it was just debris slamming into each other? also evolution is wrong. i am a christian, and therefore i believe in god. god put everything on the planet. if you believe in the big bang theory and evoluution, where did the monkeys come from? god put all the animals on the earth, then people, we didn't come from the monkeys. -- Justin

By anon44133 — On Sep 04, 2009

These comments are funny. Okay personally I don't believe in God, but I don't ridicule others because they do or don't, so I think everyone should stop attacking each other here.

We all have certain beliefs and we should learn to respect each other for them. After all, though there is no hard proof for the Big Bang being real, I remind you it is just a theory. There also isn't any hard proof for God being real either, and I remind you that, that is just a religion. And yes, I know, people will claim that people saw Jesus and whatnot, many centuries ago, but I remind you that these are just old observations. You should watch MonsterQuest videos on YouTube. They're full of stories of people who say they saw giant monsters and whatnot in their area, though it can never be proved.

And to those who talk about the Big Bang like it was something that happened, and everything was created in a second, I'd like to tell you this:

One, the Big Bang was something that occurred in an instant, but everything that was created after that, ie; the stars, planets, etc., they all took time to create.

And Two, your idea of God works on the theory that he was able to create life and everything else in a second, something that the Big Bang theory doesn't support. I'm just sitting here and wondering why he doesn't create more life on other planets, and why he sits there watching us all fight each other and die.

Of course, I'm only saying this because there have been too many comments 'against' the Big Bang theory, and not many 'for' them.

I remind you that I am not trying to take sides here, and I remind you all that we shouldn't judge others just because they believe in something different from us. I highly doubt any of you guys will judge your friends differently because they believe blue is a better color over green or pink or whatever.

By anon43460 — On Aug 28, 2009

I am doing youth sunday at my church and i decided to teach this month about how far out and just completely idiotic this "Big Bang" theory ever started out. I go by the bible and it tells me how God created earth and He added the animals and He added the water. And how we never evolved from monkeys or primates. Plus in general doesn't the bible just make more sense than one day the universe came together and boom! there was earth and all the planets Just seriously people think about it.

By anon42032 — On Aug 18, 2009

How was God created?

By anon41860 — On Aug 17, 2009

God created the earth. People that make up scientific explanations are wrong. Just because they don't believe in god doesn't mean that they are right. --Riley

By anon41583 — On Aug 16, 2009

God created man in his image. Evolution is wrong because if we evolved from monkeys then we would still be evolving from monkeys, and humans would be evolving into different species. humans are the most adaptive living organisms on the planet and people in different climate zones would evolve into different species of humans due to our adaptibility. Instead, none of this evolutional nonsense is happening today.

By anon39951 — On Aug 05, 2009

God made everything. The world was mnot created by a big bang. There was *nothing*at first, except God. God has been around forever. He will be around forever.

God decided it was time to create a world, so he created the light and the dark. Then the land and the seas.(oh, and how could the big bang create water?)

Then the animals that swim and fly. Then the animals on land. And lastly, he created Adam and Eve. No evolution.

Boy, I cannot wait to see the looks on people's faces when Jesus comes back for the seven years of judgment.

I swear, they will be begging for forgiveness at his feet.

By anon35897 — On Jul 08, 2009

life is what you are chatting about,we all are animals of nature...no one will really know the first moments of earth, because no one was there..so follow your minds and live your life to the way you plan your tomorrow. that's your future and the debating will always be in your own mind and not the same as the rest of all your "talking" friends..human...

By anon34935 — On Jul 01, 2009

god didn't do anything. he is non existent

By anon32209 — On May 18, 2009

i am anon 29709. god created the world and then he created the sun and then debris which pushed together. there you happy??

By anon31533 — On May 07, 2009

How was the sun created when there was nothing for it to be created from?

By anon29709 — On Apr 07, 2009

OK, 1 thing, how was the solar system created? 2 what kind of boom was it? 3 how was the boom created? 4 debris can't just slam itself into something becuz how was it created?

6 i have a theory. the universe was created by god (no offense to those that don't believe in god) but then there wasn't a big bang. the sun and the debris was systematically pushed together which made the huge volcanic orb we call the sun and then parts of it spread upon the solar system and created the nine planets which then created earth and as i think god put some human or 2 and animals and then they lived throughout the earth then had babies then they died and the babies kept reproducing cells and other babies till this day and that's how it began.

By anon29371 — On Mar 31, 2009

We didn't evolve from "monkeys", but a common ancestor that we share with monkeys millions of years ago. Humans evolved one way and monkeys evolved another. Meaning we have common genes, but not exact because we've evolved differently.

By anon26944 — On Feb 21, 2009

This is ridiculous. To think that an explosion just 'happened' and then there was the Earth is stupid.

Also, we did not evolve from monkeys. Some evolution theories have been proven false because people just made them up to sound smart or to be recognized.

By anon26318 — On Feb 11, 2009

How was earth created though?

By anon22074 — On Nov 27, 2008

It began because there was a lot of leftover debris from the formation of the solar system that started slamming into itself.

By anon21619 — On Nov 18, 2008

How did this "bombardment" ever begin?

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