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What is a ScopeMeter®?

M.R. Anglin
M.R. Anglin

A ScopeMeter® is a particular brand of oscilloscope — a device that is used to test electrical equipment — produced by the Fluke Corporation. ScopeMeters have a digital display on their faces that allow the user to view data as it is being recorded. They are also used when a person desires to see the shape of an electrical field. In addition, it is used to measure amplitude and frequency, two measurements of electricity, and is also used to show distortion and the relative timing of two related systems.

A ScopeMeter® is usually used in troubleshooting electrical equipment. As such, it is widely used in a variety of different fields, such as the scientific field, engineering, telecommunications, and industry. Whenever there is an electrical system that may need to be tested, a ScopeMeter® can be used.

An electrocardiogram is an example of a specialized ScopeMeter.
An electrocardiogram is an example of a specialized ScopeMeter.

ScopeMeters can be fixed on a stand or can be portable and run on a battery. Specialized ScopeMeters, such as those that are found in hospitals, are usually fixed in one place. One such specialized ScopeMeter®, called an electrocardiograph, is used to display the electrical impulses of the heart. The recorded information is called an electrocardiogram or EKG.

Electricians and other people who need to look at the voltage of an electrical system in different places may use a portable ScopeMeter®. Some can even be connected to a computer. As such, computer programs exist that help to analyze data obtained. The automotive industry uses them to adjust car ignitions systems.

Electrical systems are being used in harsh conditions and are being upgraded to use digital networking. As such, these specialized pieces of equipment need to be maintained using equally sophisticated test equipment. The ScopeMeter® can be used to get detailed information on complicated electrical systems in order to keep them running properly.

Those who repair electrical systems use ScopeMeters in order to discover faults and errors in networks. It is also used to verify electrical quality in an electrical network. Improper cable connections, bad contacts, incorrect grounding, and missing terminators can all be detected by using ScopeMeters. It is especially useful to find faults that are caused by dust and dirt. Such errors can happen haphazardly and may not take place when a professional is watching or actively testing the equipment. A ScopeMeter® can be connected to the machine and record the electrical voltage over time so that such anomalies can be found.

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    • An electrocardiogram is an example of a specialized ScopeMeter.
      By: Gennadiy Poznyakov
      An electrocardiogram is an example of a specialized ScopeMeter.