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What is Stem Cell Research?

S. Scolari
S. Scolari

Stem cell research is a relatively new technology that takes primitive human cells and develops them into most any of the 220 varieties of cells in the human body, including blood cells and brain cells. Some scientists and researchers have great hope for this research and its ability to uncover treatments and possibly even cures for some of the worst diseases including heart disease, diabetes, and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Along with these hopeful possibilities, stem cell research also gives rise to fear of human cloning and serious concerns over the ethics of conducting scientific research on, which includes the destruction of, human embryos.

Types of Stem Cells

Human embryonic cells are often used in stem cell research.
Human embryonic cells are often used in stem cell research.

Human stem cells primarily come from embryos or adult tissue. Embryonic stem cells can be created solely for the purpose of stem cell research or they can be the leftover from other processes, such as from in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Fertility treatments usually result in the creation of multiple embryos, and since only the most viable are selected for implantation, some embryos are not used. These extra embryos can be discarded, donated to others seeking fertility assistance, preserved, or donated to research; most commonly, leftover embryos are discarded.

Stem cells and the types of cells they could become.
Stem cells and the types of cells they could become.

Adult stem cells can be harvested from adult tissue with minor, if any, harm to the adult. Embryonic stem cells, however, are said to be generally easier to extract than the adult stem cells, and embryonic stem cells are said to have more uses than their adult counterparts. Much of the stem cell research debate centers on embryonic stem cells because of their potential uses, and because of questions about when life begins.

Ethical Issues

Fertility treatments usually result in the creation of multiple embryos, and since only the most viable are selected for implantation.
Fertility treatments usually result in the creation of multiple embryos, and since only the most viable are selected for implantation.

The overall debate over the ethics of stem cell research involve two major ethical concerns: (1) the potential for human cloning, and (2) whether these embryos, or pre-embryos as some refer to them, are human life. Perhaps the initial controversy is related to the possibility of human cloning. Especially when it first gained popularity, researchers were concerned with the potential for using stem cells to clone humans. Proponents make many arguments in support of human cloning including the possibility of creating another “you” should body parts or tissues be needed later in life as one may develop illnesses and diseases. Opponents primarily argue that it is not within man’s judgment to manufacture, manipulate, or destroy human life.

Stem cell research can assist couples who have faced fertility issues.
Stem cell research can assist couples who have faced fertility issues.

The other major ethical issue related to stem cell research involves the ongoing debate over when life begins. Some say that life begins at conception and that the use of humans, even immature ones, for research purposes is unethical. Others claim that the embryos are only tiny amounts of undifferentiated tissue and since they are already scheduled for destruction, and have great potential benefit, they should be used to potentially help others.

Legal Differences

Stem cell research may help scientists find alternative treatments for Alzheimer's disease.
Stem cell research may help scientists find alternative treatments for Alzheimer's disease.

It is legal to conduct stem cell research in the United States, even for the purposes of human cloning. In 2001, President Bush authorized the issuing of federal funds for the research of over 60 existing stem cells lines. The funding was restricted to these cell lines because the issue of life and death was already decided; that is, the stem cell lines at that point were capable of independent and infinite regeneration. In 2009, President Obama reversed the policy and allowed federal funding to be used towards additional stem cell lines.

Other countries permit stem cell research to varying degrees. Countries such as Japan, Sweden, and the United Kingdom have made it legal, even for purposes of human cloning. Countries including Australia, Canada, and France allow adult and leftover embryonic research but not human cloning. Austria, Ireland, and Poland have some of the most restrictive laws on this type of research.

Discussion Comments


Is there any impact due to this?


Obviously, some of you don’t have kids. The life of a child is worth so much more than any adult. You got to live. What if that embryo happened to be you? Would you then feel that it is OK to conduct this research?

I am a mother of two, soon to be three. I don't care about any of that just long as my kids at least get a chance at living and there is a God. I had a 50 percent chance of having babies because of a huge benign tumor that grew on my left ovary and killed my left fallopian tube.

I prayed for my babies and got them every time. Besides that, everybody has their beliefs. My thing is your children. Would you put them through this? My mom had a number of health issues. She died after I had my daughter. I would have given anything to keep her alive, but not my baby. I understand it could save lives, but you cannot stop the inevitable science or not. It has been proven that if it is meant to be, it will. I am also researching for a school project and I am a little more against it than for it. I would much prefer the umbilical research, then the embryo research. I know the parent of the child has donated it, but don't you think in some way that this person could be desperate or misled in a way and doesn't know where to turn?

I watched this gruesome abortion video and the lady was 12 weeks along. You could see the child trying to fight for its life. Murder is murder. Helping to save other people or not -- that's like you seeing a man trying to rape a woman and you shoot him dead. It's the same if you were trying to save her life but you get persecuted and convicted for taking matters into your own hands. I am sorry for those people who are sick and have sick babies. I know what it is like to lose loved ones over untreatable diseases. I’m against embryo research and I'm not thinking about me. It is about a baby. Sure, it isn’t completely formed, but it's still a child, or at least will grow into one, I wish harm on nobody. There is no harm meant and I’m not trying to make someone mad. I’m just trying to throw some new views into the situation.


Stem cell research can only benefit society and advance us as a species. If your argument is religious, the you are not thinking. You are letting your emotions and beliefs speak for you, not your logic or common sense. A bunch of cells is not a baby, and helping the living is not against "God's will". This is a good thing and it will continue regardless of religious views, because it makes sense.


I'm still kind of learning about this topic, but abortion is something I feel strongly against, but if a baby was taken from it's mother with the mother's okay and they were trying to save people's lives, I would be completely okay with that.


I believe that God does not exist, and that stem cell research is truly phenomenal. This research should not be controversial, nor should it be banned; it is helping the living.

Most of the people who say that stem cell research is bad are religious, but people living in the real world and believe in this thing called 'science' actually make a difference. Religion has only held back society and science. I wonder how many religious people would get angry if they knew that I was a homosexual, atheist physicist who believes in evolution and the big bang theory.


I am writing a persuasive essay on whether stem cell research should be legal or not (even though it already is in the U.S.). I was never a really religious person and stuck mainly to things that I knew for sure were happening. The thing is, most of the stem cells they are using for research are going to be discarded anyway. No one is claiming them, no one is caring about them, and they are just going to be thrown away. It is better for them to be used for a greater cause than just being thrown away and losing the chance to create treatments and cures for cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.

Without trying to offend anyone, please don't bring God into this, like if you're going to simply take the stem cells and create babies with them. The cells could be considered early life, but you lose cells every day and no one gives it a second thought. I am thirteen years old and sorry if you believe that I am wrong.


This is a terrible thing. Stem cell research is just an excuse for making us Americans pay for other peoples' abortions. This stem cell research crap may have fooled my friends who claim abortion is when the baby isn't fully developed and that it's murder to kill a baby after it's born. What's the difference? Abortion is murder.

This country is so corrupt it will probably start killing the elderly and calling it abortion, or calling every day murder of people abortion. Well, I have had enough of this crap Obama is trying to trick us with. God says life is precious and an undeveloped baby is made of many cells and cells are alive. Think about that, America. Not only that, but abortion is unnecessary. If a girl gets raped, she can put the baby up for adoption instead of murdering the baby. Studies show many women who had abortions regret it.


So what you are all arguing about is if god exists and whats his plan for us, and why or why should we not use pre-embryo stem cells. It's completely your own opinion, but when does life start for a baby -- when the sperm reaches the egg or when you hear his heartbeat?

I, for one, say we should not use embryo stem cells because they are a living being. Also for all of you who say its gods plan for us, who created god? He could not just have created himself out of nowhere. These are just my thoughts. But these are all still questions we do not know the answer to.


I've been researching this Stem Cell subject for a long time, and I'm so amazed at everyone's stories from the news and sites on how stem cells has helped them recover from so many types of sicknesses and diseases. Even cancer can be cured by this type of treatment.

One big factor is that it's not a drug but it will just treat your body in a nice and natural way. Stem cell therapy is nice but I found this Laminine on the market. People keep on talking about it, saying it's the new science breakthrough and that I should give a try. It's not a literal stem cell but it is a stem cell enhancer, and safer than the usual way of Stem Cell Therapy.

I gave it a try and in just a few weeks I felt its proven power that I also recommend it to everyone out there.


How is that clump of cells considered a newborn? Those cells aren't a newborn because there's still a chance that once you implant those embryos they don't hold, so it's not a child. They don't take these people's cells then say, nope you can't have your child -- we're going to use them for someone else. They're leftovers. No one is going to use them and they are going to get discarded. If you consider it a human how is it humane to let it sit there frozen forever, discarded and unloved? People throwing god around are ignorant. Not everyone believes in your "creator" and don't throw it in my face. Believe in your beliefs, but don't force mine.


@post 52: If there is no God, who do you think made the universe? Your dad didn't make it, I didn't make, you didn't make, nor did any person. Only an eternal being must have made the universe.


Look. What none of you guys are realizing is that embryonic stem cell research doesn't focus solely on embryos.

I'm a student getting my masters degree in pediatric nursing, so you guys can't say I don't know this. But maybe if you did some research instead of arguing that everyone except yourself is wrong, you would realize there are valid points to both sides.

Embryonic stem cell research also focuses on umbilical cords and placentas, which does no harm to the baby whatsoever. Now none of you can say that's "murder" or against your religion because I'm Roman Catholic, which is one of the main religions against stem cell research and I am personally all for it.

Now if embryos were being produced solely for stem cell harvesting, then yes, I agree it's wrong on so many different levels. But the fact is that you can't say that if your child, or your parent or spouse were in the hospital that you wouldn't want to do every last thing to try to get them to survive.

Enough about manipulating death and being religiously wrong. Enough said, simple as that.


A novel called "Living Proof" just came out in stores this week that explores the life and death issue of embryonic stem cell research for the first time as a story. It's getting a lot of buzz online and pertains directly to this discussion.


Most say stem cell research is bad because scientists are trying to pay God, but that's a bunch of crap. Like what others have said, God created us, knowing that one day we would come up with this knowledge to maybe find cures. Somebody else stated that we are ungrateful because we want to use this research, but that's not entirely true, because we are grateful for this new research to cure people like me. Yes I said me. I'm a 16 year old diabetic. I may not suffer as much as others with other diseases, but I have.

Also, this same person said that we should be the ones serving overseas. Well, if you've paid attention, we can't because we have diseases! My dad serves and at least he's never wished that on someone else.

Anyway, most don't know what it's like to stick a big needle into their own skin every day, but I do. They also don't know what its like to wake up very weak due to a low blood sugar, or to throw up because you get ketones due to not having any more insulin going through their body.

Lastly, most of you probably aren't scared to go to bed, knowing that you might not wake up because you went low, with no one knowing and died. Yes, I know diabetes isn't the worse disease out there, but it's not easy either. I don't really like abortion, but at least the fetus could help cure many people, and not just get thrown away.

In a way, the government not allowing stem cell research, and the people against it can be considered murderers too, because they are standing in the way of curing people, which could save their lives. This is how our country is going downhill, not the other way around.

Finally, you say how a human life is so important, and yes it is, but who's to say that an animal's life isn't? People abuse animals, use them to test new products, that most people use, but I don't see you caring about that. Yes, some people do, but most don't give a crap. And I mean, didn't God create animals too, so shouldn't they be just as important as humans?

Yeah, so that's all I have to say. Hopefully this will make people use their brains a little more, because the people who are against it only really seem to care about themselves, not the people who are actually suffering!


The controversy surrounding the morality of stem cell research is centered around the creation, usage, and destruction of the human embryos. Currently, the limits of technological advancement require the destruction of the human embryo in creating the human embryonic stem cell. Various groups view an embryo as an early-aged human life. As a result, they are concerned with the rights and status of the embryo, and often go so far as to equate such research with murder because of the embryos’ destruction. However, despite scientific evidence suggesting that the early-stage embryos being used are not early-aged human life, the importance of these embryonic stem cells and their contribution to scientific advancement is tremendous.

Stem cells are cells in the human body that have not yet differentiated into a particular type of tissue; they can replicate and make different types of cells required to build and repair an organism (Scolari, 2009). Every cell in the human body is comprised of the same genetic code. As a result, stem cells have the potential to become any type of human tissue. Researching stem cells has led scientists to believe that their uses could lead to treatments and cures for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, cancer, as well as many other serious health-related conditions. It is believed that embryonic cells are more flexible than those derived by other means. This means that they are able to differentiate more easily in the various kinds of tissues desired than cells derived from adult sources.

John Stuart Mill’s principle of Utilitarianism also supports the morality of stem cell research. Utilitarianism states that an action’s moral worth is determined solely by its contribution to the “happiness” of all parties involved. The phrase “the greatest good for the greatest number of people” is often used to describe this principle. But more precisely, the true morality of such research is exhibited in the concept of Negative Utilitarianism. Negative Utilitarianism requires us to promote the least amount of harm, or prevent the greatest amount of suffering for the greatest number of people.

Since science has established that are embryos not yet human, any harm inflicted on them does not weigh in on the moral worth of the action. However, the development of treatments that could potentially cure conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s would weigh in on its moral worth. As a result, the prevention of suffering made possible by stem cell research and its potential medical advancements far outweigh any harm inflicted on the embryos, even if the embryos were given moral standing. Thus, by means of Negative Utilitarianism, the morality of stem cell research cannot be called into question.


This is modern day fascism. You shouldn't choose what life has more importance. Speaking as a veteran, people like this make me regret serving an ungrateful country, full of morally degraded people. These people who believe in this should have been the ones overseas. Then tell me how easy it is to choose one life over the other. Those people make me sick, and will be the downfall of this country.


Fundamentalists never fail to amaze me with their ability to only read half the story. The embryos used in stem cell research would be discarded anyway - stem cell research isn't denying them a chance at life, they had no chance at life in the first place. It isn't the same thing as abortion.

And I hope the fundies who are making comments along the lines of "We suffer because God wills it" never take antibiotics when they are sick - surely that would be messing with God's plan for you to die from a disease that modern science can easily cure?


Any opponent to stem cell research on the grounds of all this embryo is a human life crap is nothing but a ignorant idiotic hypocrite and the same goes for anti abortionists.

Why claim to give a crap at all about so called life when none of you seem to give a crap about the starving millions in underdeveloped countries, the starving on the street, those on death row etc.? What about those lives? Aren't they more convincing examples of 'life' than a pile of embryonic goo? Are they not deserving of all the fuss you make over the value of human life?

You people seem more concerned with spouting your ignorant, selfish beliefs and halting progress that could one day possibly help and save you. And if these embryos went on to live, it's not as if you would actually give a crap about them when they actually became a living person unless it was to push your beliefs onto them.

Is there any difference between you people in regards to this and those that shared the same beliefs that used to carry out witch hunts all those many years ago? one has to wonder.


i think that stem cell affords advancements to the medical industry. people should stop trying to use the phrase "who are we to play god". if that is the case then don't take medication to relieve pain because under those conditions would that also be playing god?


Remember that some stem cells are taken from the umbilical cord and adult tissue, not just embryos. You wouldn't call it murder if the cells were taken from an inanimate piece of flesh, would you?


I have been reading comments and "playing god" is stupid. Getting and giving shots are playing god implants and anything like that is playing god. you're not letting what happens happen. I read about a wife with four kids with Cystic Fibrosis. finding a cure for that would be playing god. That would be taking his power to save a child.


I think it's all right. People are going to abort fetuses no matter what you say or how you feel. You can say it's wrong and waste it or you can use it to support something new and know you helped to save a life. Would you honestly say that because of what you think you should throw away something that could help people just because its from something not even alive yet?

O.K. so it might be alive, but at an older age in the pregnancy. And people are right: if someone you love was dying, you would not just sit there and watch and say, oh well, too bad for you. You would try to help no matter what the cost.


I don't know what is so bad about trying to save life. Stem cell research has advanced into the stages of using actual cells from adults, (Somatic cells) and this is pushing research today. Take some time and do the "current" research about stem cells and educate yourselves.

As far as the religious perspective goes I am a Christian and "God" gave me the cells in my body and if those cells that "God" gave have a way of saving my life, then that is his will. Helping your body heal is not playing God, it is using what God gave you!


I'm curious; What defines something as "live"? When does life begin? Well, does it not begin at fertilization when the cells go through meiosis? And the DNA is replicated? Well here's what I have to say.

Again, what defines something as a "Live" human? Is it size? Level of development? Environment?

Degree of dependency?

If it's based on size, then isn't that size-ism? Does that mean our society is saying that the unborn aren't human because they aren't as big as us? Yes, an unborn baby isn't as big as a toddler, but a toddler isn't as big as a full grown adult. So does that mean that they toddler isn't human either? Or in any way less human? Of course not. "A person's a person no matter how small."

Level of development: Some argue that since the unborn aren't fully developed yet, they aren't human. I'm 15 and I'm not fully developed; does that mean I'm not human? No. I'm still growing. Development doesn't stop at birth. It starts at conception.

The most common argument in this category is the baby can't think, or feel pain, or even know that they exist. I beg to differ. There was an article published in a newspaper that said a doctor was performing an abortion, and on the screen, you could see the baby trying to get away from the tool trying to pull it out. In another, there was a case where the baby stuck its hand out and held onto the doctor's finger. Look it up.

We say that they can't feel pain, so they aren't human. But what about those with Sepa disease? They are born unable to feel pain; can we go and kill them too? They can't feel pain so they aren't human, so it's okay, right? Wrong.

Environment: Most common argument: The unborn baby isn't in the world yet, it's in the mother's body, and it doesn't even breathe air. This argument seems to be saying that the unborn child isn't human because it's in a different environment then we are. But, since when does where we are, determine who we are? In our day to day lives, we change our environment multiple times. But it doesn't change who we are as a person, unless you have a multiple personality disorder.

So here's a question; How does the eight-inch trip down the birth canal change who you are as a blob of tissue, into a valued human being with rights? Truth be told, it doesn't. Another argument is the unborn baby is in the mother's body, which is her body, so the mother should be able to do what ever she wants with that baby. So what's the difference between a baby the day before it's born, and one day after?

A day before: Not fully developed; dependent on the mother; in the mother's body -- her property.

A day after: Not fully developed; dependent on the mother; in the mother's house -- her property

What makes it okay to kill the one but not the other?

There was a case where a man went and murdered a pregnant woman and was charged with double murder. In that case, the government and court are considering that fetus is a life with value. However, in the same time, something like 32 abortions were performed under the protection of the law. How come those babies don't get the same justification? Is it because they aren't wanted? If an orphan was murdered, would no one care because they weren't wanted? Of course not. It's absurd to me the double standard in our society.

Degree of Dependency: Arguments are that if the unborn baby is still dependent on the mother, and can't survive on their own yet, they aren't human. Even a one week old baby is still dependent on the mother. It will be for a while.

Once again, I'm 15 and I can't survive on my own. I depend on my parents. I depend on my government and school system, I depend on my friends. I'm dependent. But do I not have value and rights?

What about those who depend on medical instruments? And life support?

Parents depend on others to provide them with jobs, food and money, with places for their children to go to get an education. Our classrooms are getting smaller and smaller due to the number of abortions each year. But again, does this affect a person's humanity in some way because they depend on someone? You're going through a divorce and you need someone to lean on; you're depending on them. “Oh, yeah, sorry for the bad timing, but oh geez this is tough, you're not human, so we're going to have to kill you.” No, I don't think so.

What about those on welfare? Can we kill them too because they depend on the government to provide them with money? I don't think so. We are all dependent on someone to a degree. But who goes around saying that those who depend on someone are less human or not human at all? No one. Why? Because it's hypocritical and illogical. But somehow, our society is able to accept this argument when it comes to unborn children. The faces of tomorrow. We are the people are today, and we're killing tomorrow's people.

So if we use these arguments to allow the killing of the unborn, then we should be allowed to kill: Any child; those on welfare; those with medical tools and medications; those with mental disabilities. They aren't what people consider "the norm"- are very dependent, usually have a difference in size, aren't developed as much as those who are not disabled, and depending on the case, their environment may be different then ours. And so on and so forth.

Of course not. We would never dream of doing that. It upsets many many people even using those cases as examples. So it should be clear that the unborn are human, as well as those with developmental disabilities, differences, different circumstances- welfare, etc., and the sick.

For people who don't understand, here is what I'm saying. I am pro choice- that women should have choices to do what they want in life from the unimportant (what flavor of ice cream I want) to the extremely important (what career I want to pursue) but should not have the "right" to make a choice about another person's life. You don't get to decide who lives or dies.


I do not believe we should use stem cells. If we can cure all diseases and grow back body parts then we will evidently live a very, very, very long time. This could potentially result in an overpopulation problem which we are currently starting to experience.

Humans were not meant to live forever, and maybe you should ask yourself: do you really want to live forever?


To those people who say that it's okay for scientists to do stem cell research, yes it's okay for them to do research to improve other people's lives without using stupid, dangerous chemicals on the cells. Some aspects of stem cell research, is not just against religious values, but also against our morals in general.

Thank you anon332, for trying to knock some sense into these people, who think that science always does good things. Wake up!


Religion is a vessel of our hopes, fears and a face of the unexplained. Without religion, science would grow like a cancer, and without science the other way around. Balance is what is needed.

For those who believe in God, it would not be that with stem cells we are playing God. The man or woman will live because God had willed it.

For those who don't, embryos are lives. A full life. Of course, this is only my opinion.

The world makes us what we are. It influences our choices and our minds. Everything around us at every moment is changing us.

In short, the world makes us what we are, but we make the world as how it is.


Science without religion is blasphemous. Religion without science is idiocy.


I believe stem cell research is definitely a good thing for people that are sick. I don't think people should be allowed to use a fetus for the research, but embryonic research is ethical. The embryo isn't yet developing human characteristics the way a fetus is.


I will begin by saying that I am a 14 year old girl of undecided religious beliefs. I have read many of these comments, and I have a few ideas which may help/clear up some misconceptions.

As of now, I do not officially believe in God. I do, however, understand many religions and I have accepted religious beliefs and ideas, especially those pertaining to abortion and stem cell research. Here are some of my views on the subject. I have tried to incorporate all the different positions on the subject:

1. Embryos are not fetuses and stem cell research is not the same as abortion. Fetuses are developed forms in which the cells have begun to specialize. Embryos are clusters of structurally identical cells.

2. If an embryo is not used, it can be donated, either to research or to another parent, or it can be thrown away. Based on the dilemmas that seem to be arising, i am assuming that no one is of the belief that throwing away the embryos is in the best interest of anyone. That leaves donation to a parent or donation to research. If the decision is made to donate to another parent, then I think that is fine. If that idea is declined, then I don't see why a group of cells shouldn't be used to potentially help others. If a leftover embryo is just going to be thrown away, then why would the people throwing it away care if it were used. Remember, an embryo does not have even the most remote form of a brain or a heart.

3. If the argument is about whether or not the embryo has a soul, I cannot help. I do not believe that a random grouping of cells has a soul. I do not even necessarily believe in souls.

4. In this article, it says that the most common argument against stem cells is the belief in man not manipulating human life. I cannot say whether or not this is actually the big argument, but for those people who do believe that i will ask, "Have you been vaccinated? Have you ever taken any medicine for an illness? Is this not manipulating life?". If one believes that Man should not be allowed to manipulate life, then they should also believe that medicines and known cures should not be used. if a person gets pneumonia, should the doctors just let them die because they don't believe in manipulating life? Isn't that murder?

As for manipulating the embryo, I can only repeat that I do not personally believe that a group of unspecialized cells should be treated as humans.

5. I do not believe that stem cell research should be used for cloning. As for "creating another you" in case you get diseases later in life, watch or read "My Sister's Keeper".

6. As for the ethics, there are generally five ethical approaches: utilitarian-whatever does the most good and the least harm, Rights-whatever considers the rights of everyone involved, Fairness of Justice-treats all equally and proportionally, Common good-the values of Confucianism or putting the group before the individual, and Virtue-what will make me more of the person i want to be? If using an organism that is displaying the characteristics of life, but that is not developed into a fetus will help others, I don't see how it contradicts any of the ethical approaches.

6. If I decidedly believed in God, I would say, "God made us. I believe he made us for a reason. He gave us prayer and life. He also gave us doctors and medicine. we should use them".

7. For those who say "if your loved one was dying, then your view would change" you are correct. Their view would change, but do we really want a society where people make official decisions based on the health status of their loved ones, when they are stressed and not thinking clearly?

These are the things I have come up with. I didn't mean to offend anyone with my statements, and if I did, I am sorry.


Yeah, they are not using a fetus. they are using an embryo, which there is a huge difference.


Number one, they are not using a fetus; which i agree is human. The embryos used for stem cell research are four to five days old and have no specialized tissues, no nervous system, or heart. Each embryo contains about one-hundred cells, the cells of which are still undifferentiated (meaning that the cell has not decided what it is going to be).

For those of you saying that we are playing god. Is not God's greatest gift the gift of life? After IVF a woman has limited choices what to do with her leftover embryos. She may donate to another couple, donate to research, keep the embryos for maybe future implantation, or she may discard them.

The embryos are very special, but I do not see them as children but as "potential life". I am in favor of stem cell research. God has given us everything that we have, no? He has allowed us to progress to the advanced stages of life that we are in now and i don't see why He would not allow us to keep advancing to preserve the human life.

For those of you who are saying that people with illnesses were given that illness as the will of God i say yes it is, but he has given us the knowledge that we need to heal those illnesses. God wants us to progress.

For those of you saying that you have the answers i say that no one knows anything for certain, views can change. Human life progresses.

God has given us all trial so that we may be able to learn, No? One might think that he has given us these illnesses so that we may learn. Learn what you might say. To learn to be more like him. God's power is knowledge.


Stem Cell Research is a good thing if you look at it one way, and a bad thing if you look at it another. The whole idea is nice, but the means of getting there? not really. Embryonic SSR is wrong, I believe, because it promotes abortion.

We are all created for a reason, are we not? Do you not think that you have a purpose in life? If we are able to get the cells without hurting the baby, then I am all for it. But the end will never justify the killing of an innocent child.

I am a nursing student, and no one can tell me that a fetus isn't human. And when people say that if I had a sick grandparent or family member I would think differently, well they are wrong. My Nana (grandmother) is very ill. She is only 65. That is young. She has always been there for me and my family. And although I would do just about anything to help her, I can't see myself using a child to save her.


i support stem cell research 100 percent. You can sit there and say it's a terrible thing, but you're not the one who is sick and suffering. I'm sure if you were, you would change your mind about it. You can't honestly say that people are born with a disease for a reason, because i just can't see how that could be true.

If you oppose stem cell research then maybe you should also oppose fertilization clinics too, since this is where they are getting them from. If you honestly think that throwing out embryos is better than using them for research to save someone's life, then how would it really be considered being "pro life"?


I honestly think that some people will never get the full picture until stem cell research could help someone they love! my grandmother has rapidly progressing alzheimer's and is already in stage 7 and it is hereditary.

For those of you who are so for the life of an aborted fetus, do you just not care about the humans suffering with things like alzheimers? like my grandmother went from being so lively always dancing, cooking, traveling even riding bumper cars with me, to sitting in a wheel chair in need of 24/7 care - what about how important she is?

If an abandoned fetus can help someone who is alive and suffering that is what needs to be done! some of you really need to get a grip on reality you are valuing a fetus more than a human life!


The human race should not play God. People are put on this earth as God wanted them in their condition whatever it may be. Everybody suffers in different ways.

If a disease takes a person's life it was just when they were meant to die. Everybody dies -- it's just a matter of when. And that is up to God not some scientist. There has got to be some place to draw the line.

I mean, come on, can't the government find a wiser way to spend people's hard earned tax money? If it's your time to die, it's your time no matter who you are. Anyway I would like to know who this would help, the rich and famous, who else would be able to afford such an "advanced medical technology?"


First off i would like to say that God gave us the knowledge to know this for a reason and to you who are letting your stupidity run your life, I just have one thing to say.

If it was your family member that was laying in a bed dying and this was their last resort what would you do? yeah, sit and think about that and tell me how your point of view will change. I thought the same exact way until i saw my mom lying there dying when i was 17 years old, along with my little brothers who are 14 and 11. Your point of view will completely change.


I’m going to start by saying that I am a Christian. I am also a 15 year old boy doing a science project on stem cell research.

As I a read this article, these comments and these opinions, I honestly am lost for words. I remember someone saying that God gave us the ability to control the genes that he gave us and help us grow. But if it is at the sacrifice of a created being? This is a very controversial topic and I am trying to choose my words carefully, for the people out there who have kids who are born with diseases like those, I am sorry.

It comes down to our choice. God enabled us with free will and the more we take that and run with it, yes we will find more innovations and medical breakthroughs, but at what cost? Someone on these comments also said that it is good for someone to donate “their” fetus, he used the words: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Is that what we have become? Treating beings we have brought into this world like things we can just throw away? For someone else to dispose of and use because we don’t want to accept the responsibility of taking care of our obligations as a parent. Is that what we have been brought down to?

Now I am not slamming anyone’s opinion because they are entitled to it. But be wise and tread lightly and don’t be as ignorant as we have in the past. Stem cell Research has some great pros. For instance, curing someone with a hereditary disease that they can't control. “What did they do wrong to disserve this?”, will be what a lot of people ask. But it's just the cards that they have been given and they have to cope with it.

If they can live with knowing that they stopped a growing thing from existing and enjoying life then that’s that. A fetus is a living thing, contrary to popular belief. It grows, it moves, but unlike us, it doesn’t have any control over its outcome, because “people say” it's not alive until it takes its first breath.

I don’t know, there are some very opinionated people on these comments. But the people who completely write off what the other person is saying and don’t accept what they have to say at all is disrespectful and will get us nowhere.

I’m not trying to preach to anyone. I am just saying consider this argument from both sides of the spectrum. Don’t write off what other people have to say just because they don’t agree with you. You have no idea what they have been through.

I support us trying to find a way to cure people. We just have to weigh the pros and cons and see if we are willing to accept the outcome of our decisions. I am all for saving someone’s life, but if we came up with this, we can surely come up with another outcome.


I think stem cells can be one of the most potential medical breakthroughs since the simple use of herbs. --Wiskerson


I still don't fully understand. is it killing the fetus or is it just collecting the wasted cell without harming it? I am for it if it is not harming the fetus. if it is, that's like murder. i mean the fetus is still human. isn't it going to be human?


The mother or any other human is not the "owner" of the baby. They have not created it. So they don't have any right to "donate" or do whatever they want with it.


I think stem cell research is a good thing. I am against abortion, but if it's the choice of a person than why not use what's there that would be discarded anyway? Medical purposes are important for future patients. This is something very helpful.


God is science, science is god.

God can only achieve higher thoughts with more profound knowledge of science and medicine.

God is a scientific, systematic and highly organized sentient being, that is constantly seeking knowledge and education.

For example, genomics showed us that humans originated from africa.

Archeology and science helped us to understand the beginning of creation.

The space programme helps us to understand the solar system and universe.

Computers helped us to understand, map and illustrate the holy bible.

Only baseless fanatics use the name of god in vain to stop important research.

Only an idiot would say god is fairytale being with rules and regulations and no education needed.

I support stem cell research, because we still don't know what we will find and how it will improve our future.

More important, humankind has too many weaknesses, and the tools that god has provided us like medicine, science and technology are there to help us eliminate those weaknesses to create a better world.

I'm glad president obama has shown me the way, and helped me understand that there is an opportunity to learn in stem cell research.


this can really save lives.


to post 82: I like your opinion, a lot. thanks!


to post 91: But it does hurt someone! That "someone" just can't talk yet.


To all you saying god knows our names before we are born, have you thought to think that maybe he is creating embryos for stem cell research to create cures because he does not like to see his creations in pain?

Also, how can you believe in a god that allows such pains to occur? I'll bet that you would change your views if you watched someone die of cancer. or maybe not. you would hide from the truth. you would hide behind your ever so quiet and ever so absent god!


To post 65: Don't be so fanatical. Abortion is not the killing of newborn babies. They aren't born yet. It's destruction of a fetus. Big difference.


It's not "killing a baby" like so many of you think. The kind of embryonic stem cells we are talking about here are the leftover embryonic stem cells. They would most likely be discarded anyway. They would either end up in a medical waste-bin somewhere or they could contribute to research that might end up saving/changing countless numbers of lives. Which is more humane? Seriously.


Wow! Stem cell research has so much potential in helping the world! If it does not harm anything or anyone, I see nothing wrong with that.


I've read some of these comments and we as a people agree to disagree in any and every thing. We all have our own beliefs and that's all good.

I would like to comment on those who feel like there is no God in this world and that, in so many words, people should do whatever they want on the subject of the stem cell.

I'm a servant of God and know and believe in my heart we all come from the creator who giveth life and that whatever you choose to do with your life is up to you. God has also given us the ability to seek Him on a daily basis for our needs, and when it comes to the choice of using something like stem cell research or any other scientific method to save a life we should ask God, instead of playing

God. Sure, most people would rather live their lives out here on earth, but stem cell research or no stem cell research, it's appointed unto man once to die and then the judgment. Read it for yourself. You can't stop it, and you can't block it. We have limited power but He has all power. God is not like man, nor his ways, and His thoughts are higher than ours.

I've said this to say seek Him and let Him guide you into all truth. It's easy to say something like "It's not hurting anything do your research on the matter." It's like anything else -- it has a side effect also, long term or short. In the end every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that God is God and others were playing god.


to anon66346 of post 52: are you seriously so ignorant?

virtually no christians would accept stem cell research if they were dying because of the hope for the future, a hope that is certain.

why do you think that christianity is one of the most highly persecuted religions in the world?


The world is over-populated anyhow. And even if technically an embryo is a form of life, what harm (physically, mentally, emotionally) are we causing to that embryo with stem cell research?

The embryo is not in pain, depressed, or crying so I don't see anything wrong with it. And if the "owner" of that embryo donates it because they don't need it, good for them: reduce, reuse, recycle!


There's no such thing as a "god", and the stem cell research isn't hurting anybody, so get over it.


In reply to *anon 85848* i am purely curious as to how much research you have conducted on this topic, because i believe that if you had spent a decent amount of time researching it then you would know where the embryos actually come from (aside from the obvious).

The embryos used come from people who donate them when that have IVF treatment. If these people did not donate them then the "left-over" embryos would simply be "thrown in the trash".

Wouldn't you agree that if these embryos were left-over than they should be used for the greater good - saving lives, not simply disposed of?

P.S. i mean no disrespect to your opinion.

Thank you.


Yes I'm all for helping people; in fact, that's what I do.

I do believe in the Lord and it's cool if you don't. This is my opinion, but I don't think it's right to conduct experiments where taking a life is in the picture. we are living organisms and I mean at the point of conception, have the right to live our lives to the fullest.

That means if i were dying of some horrible disease that would be just fine, meaning my time is up and I have served my purpose. That's how we all should be and let others like unborn babies have a chance at life. Death is inevitable. From the point of birth we are destined for the grave. No one can save us from it so we might as well embrace it. About the cloning? Ahhh, I honestly can't say.


i was reading one of these comments and they said that God is our creator. Well, for a lot of you, but if you are like me then you do not believe this fact. However, i do agree that the unborn should be able to live and that they have no right to take that from them and if they do it is the same as murder so why do we support this? someone answer this.

so anon53167 i do agree with you on this one but i do not believe in that god you believe in. i mean no disrespect putting you in this. I just wanted to make a point. No harm meant. thanks.

This was the phantom.


Stem cell research will always be a touchy topic. Some fight for the idea that it is against the rules of creation. Others believe that the idea of helping other people who are suffering completely outweighs any ideas to the contrary.

From the beginning of time there have been people who are suffering, and now we are given the opportunity to help them and it is considered wrong. The idea of using stem cells in itself is not wrong. They can be taken from placentas and spinal tissue, as well as adult tissue.

The largest amount of stem cells found are in embryos and the only way to utilize them is to kill a potential life. Some ask, "Why not just use the ones that are not from embryos?" The answer is that taking them from adults leaves them incapacitated and damaged. So why would we want to damage someone or kill life to help someone who has been suffering?

No one would give himself up for another causing pain to themselves and possible death. So why would we take the choice away from a life that cannot physically choose yet? That is wrong.

The reason embryos are used is because they have a larger amount of stem cells compared to the other options because they are forming a life. Imagine if someone came to your home, kidnapped you and told you that you did not have a choice, but are going to be killed so your stem cells can be utilized for the benefit of others? That is what we are doing.

Now, if the embryos chose to give themselves up to help others, that is a different story. Since they cannot, it is first degree murder.


If, like it says in the second paragraph, most labs just discard leftover embryos, then why not use them for research? Why just throw them away when they can be used for something meaningful?

@anon82544- It is not God's will for us to sit back and just suffer when there are ways to help ourselves. We follow His will, not the other way around. We can't sit back and do nothing while at the same time praying for help and expecting Him to just fix it all.


i personally don't have a problem with stem cell research. i mean, if it's to help cure something that millions of people have, such as diabetes, then i say go for it.


@Anon82630: Thank you for a beautiful, thoughtful, exquisitely well-written and reasoned response. I'm sure the family will appreciate it. I know I did.


Dear Holmfamily from post number 3:

I can understand your concern about stem cell research, and I'm sure it must be difficult for you to weigh the balance between supporting a type of stem cell research that might be able to cure your four children diagnosed with the disease, and maintaining your pro-life beliefs.

I may not be able to offer a solution to your dilemma, but I might be able to give you some comfort.

Essentially there are two kinds of stem cell research. The first and most controversial is embryonic stem cell research, and the second is adult stem cell research. You can refer to the above article for the difference. I'm not too concerned with it at this moment, but you mentioned your concern about playing God.

I'd like to explore the concept of playing God. For my definition, I'm going to use the western image of God (personal, benevolent, creator of all things) because it seems that the western and specifically the Christian western world uses this term most.

In the first account of the creation story in Genesis it says God created man in his image in likeness. What does it mean to be in the image of God? For the Christian world God is a trinity of persons in communion with each other, so for mankind to be in the image of God they must also be in communion with others. In the case of God you have the communion of the Father with the son, and the fire of their love between each other is the Holy Spirit. This communion that God has is the reason he creates, and his love is so great that it has to create, and he stamped an image of that love in mankind when he created them.

Think about it in the terms of a married man and women. It is a communion of persons like the trinity; you have the man who loves the woman, and the fire of love between them drives them to create new life in a child. So then what does it mean to be in the likeness of God? If God is creator, and a communion of persons then we are created to participate in creation, to participate in the work of God; to “play God” if you will. This is why we enter into marriage, and research history and science, because it is part of our creation as human beings.

This does not mean that everything we do is morally right. God is also benevolent, and holy, and he calls mankind into that likeness as well. So when we participate in creation, whether that is in marriage or in science or whatever work we do, we need to ask ourselves if the work we are doing is benevolent and holy.

The question at hand is whether or not stem cell research is benevolent and holy. I think there is little doubt that adult stem cell research can fit into this category, but many people debate about embryonic stem cell research.

Those against embryonic stem cell research say that it is cruel because you are murdering human beings, those for it say that an embryo is no more a human person than a cancer cell growing in your body.

If we try to debate whether or not an embryo is a human person, we'll be here all day and won't get anywhere, and I'm not interested so much in proving whether an embryo is a human person as I am with helping you ease your internal struggle. I think the question that plagues most pro-lifers' mindd when it comes to embryonic stem cell research is “does the end ever justify the means?” If your goal as a Christian is to act properly in the image and likeness of God, then no, the end can never justify the means. In which case, it will be hard to reconcile your convictions with the fact that embryonic stem cell research kills the embryo that they are removed from. Since, as a Christian, all life has value, and every human is created in the image and likeness of God and has dignity, then to take away that dignity, or prevent the life of another potential human being would be intrinsically evil, even if depriving that one person of life and dignity would give two others life and dignity.

In order to “play God” you have to search out ways to enhance the usage of adult stem cells and develop new ways to more effectively harvest those cells, or discover a way to harvest embryonic stem cells without damaging the embryo (which unfortunately is most unlikely).

My heart and prayers go to you and especially your four children. A friend of mine died from this horrible disease last year so I know how hard it can be to live with.

Know that you don’t suffer alone, and that if you believe we are made in the image of God then you are in communion with every other human on earth, and we suffer when you do, and we celebrate when you do as well. Even though you and your children may suffer, you can never lose your human dignity, we share it in suffering and in sadness.

So suffer knowing that I’ll suffer with you. I may not be able to take away your pain, or to solve your dilemmas, but I can tell you that I love you.


I believe in God. I personally think that stem cell research is wrong. If you believe in God, you should put your life into his hands. If you have diseases such as Parkinsons, Alzheimers, or cancer, it is God's will of what is going to happen. When you fully trust God with your life, then if it is your time to be taken from this earth then it is. If not, then God has a way to cure you.


why on earth are you going on about 'playing god'?? and anon77327 (post 65) that is one of the most inhumane things to say. Why would you not try to or want to save someone dying from a painful disease?

I'm sure someone would love the person dying and I'm sure you'd want to save yourself if you were dying, would you not? Wait until you get to 60. It's not that old!

You say you are a christian but where is your love and humanity? Compassion? Empathy? Let me ask you this, would you say that the new life which supposedly will kill this 60 year old will make up for all the pain that the 60 year old and his/her family suffers?

Disease is not a punishment. The person with the disease has not necessarily done anything themselves to deserve such pain. Why don't you want to save this person, and the many who will suffer the same problems, perhaps the baby which you think will take his spot in society will follow his lead and die from another disease! Then all the people who are supposedly dying for new life are having the new life they died for, die for another curable disease! oh and by the way 60 is not old!


In reply to comment 15 by *28049* - I am currently researching stem cell research for a school assignment and it has already become clearly apparent to me that if there was no stem cell research and there were no donations of embryos, there would be no way of getting any closer to saving parents the heartache of knowing that their unborn child has a birth defect.

How can you say that stem cell research is taking away human life when it has the potential to give people a completely new lease on life?

For so many years people have wanted - needed, a cure for diseases such as cancer and diabetes and stem cell research offers the very realistic possibility of finding a cure for these disease.

So maybe anyone who has religious beliefs should take all of this into consideration when they say "its cruel, its murder, its wrong". Stem cell research and the potential cures it offers are so much more than right. Abbey - Year 10 student.


stem cell research is not that bad. sure, you people will hound this comment like a hungry dog to food, and it will take a lot of time to make it work and help people out with disease like cystic fibrosis and cancer, but that's the way life is! it's a dog eat dog world, and someone should stop it. so i am settling in the middle of this argument.


Some people believes that that is killing the life inside the embryo and that it is bad (kind of like abortion), but I believe that the life of the baby starts when it takes its first breath and is not dependent on the mother as it is when it is inside.

Taking the cells from the embryo is just like taking away a mole or spot that is solely connected to only you. This is why I think that taking the cells away from embryos is okay and that it should be done because it helps more than hurts.

More than one person can benefit from these couple of cells from inside the embryo.


I'm doing a report on stem cell research and my cousin is dying from muscular dystrophy and i heard that stem cells may some day be able to cure this.


this is for the people who are with this.

Why take the life of a newborn for someone who is going to die anyway? imagine the guy is in his sixties and he got a disease and they used stem cells to cure him. a few years later he dies. you could have gotten a new life that will live longer. it's taking a life for a life. it's wrong. stem cell research is first degree murder.

abortion too, is the deliberate killing of newborn babies. it's murder and it's wrong and people should be jailed for that.


"Human stem cells primarily come from embryos or adult tissue." I don't understand why you people continually argue. It's not like stem cells only come from embryos.


I am a granddaughter of a man who has been paralyzed for 22 years and he cannot move from the neck down.

I have done a lot of research on this stem cell research stuff and everyone is being so silly about it. i understand it is a touchy subject to most people, but to those people they don't have anyone in their lives who would benefit from stem cell so they wouldn't begin to understand how those of us who do support it feel.

Although if they are going to accuse us of trying to play god and everything else they should make sure they have all their facts right because not only can stem cell research be done on embryos it can also come from the placenta after a mother gives birth to her child. And by the way, the placenta has all kinds of helpful things that can help with the research but what happens? It gets thrown away unless you donate it to science so all I'm saying is make sure you know what you are talking about before you start passing judgment and maybe just maybe try and put yourself in the shoes of a family that could benefit from having their family member take a walk with them or do anything that you get to do on a regular basis!


We aren't playing God, we are helping defective parts of the body and healing it. God is allowing us to do this so that less will die and more will live longer.


this goes to anon66346, no.52: Are you rejecting the possibility of there being a God because you don't know anything about christianity and are just basing your opinion on the opinions of others, or have you actually died, saw that nothing happened, then have been brought back to life and now you want to preach that nothing happens?

Or maybe you think that you're so special that God has to come down to your level and prove he exists. I bet you also think that advanced E.T.s need to come to earth and teach us about their advanced sciences. you know what that would be like us (being the E.T.s) trying to explain the concepts of physics to an ant. why should they bother wasting their time explaining things to an ignorant species like us when they have better things to do?


SSR is wrong, no matter what way you look at it. That's like saying that it is OK to kill your mom if she didn't make you supper.

i mean seriously, it doesn't matter if you are 100 years old you are still a person. so why does it matter if you are an embryo? It doesn't. Embryos can't speak for themselves yet, and can't make their own decisions and in this country we are taught that no matter what race, religion, sex, size, anything, we have rights! and SSR is not following them. simple as that. God should have the only power to do these things, not scientists. They think they can do whatever they want, to whomever they want.


Would you rather save people or a bunch of cells? If the mothers don't want the leftover embryos, how is it anyone else's problem?


FYI: they use cells not implanted embryos. They let the cells divide into 100 cells and then extract the stem cells. It is not a baby until it is implanted.

Obviously you do not have a child with cancer or any other disease or you may feel differently. The way I see it, if they are using donated eggs/embryos, then obviously the person who donated them was going to let them waste away or die.

I see no harm in using something that was going to be disposed of anyway to save the life of a child or adult. I say go for it! Stem cell research away!


hey we might as well experiment with it. i mean, it could save lives of the people who are actually living and not in the womb. besides, there are fertilization clinics that create embryos "in vitro" or in glass that aren't killing lives. we could save lives by doing stem cell research.


I'm sorry, religion was the answer to what we could not answer during the dark ages. The church has done nothing but hold mankind back in terms of science. It ripped apart the Roman Empire, it burned anyone of free thought and now it hinders research into what could be the medical breakthrough of our time. I say unchain science from the oppression of religion! -Legion


Oh my goodness! There is nothing to it. SSR is wrong! I mean think about it! If you used an embryo to help someone you *might* save a life but you also took one away that didn't even get a chance to speak for themselves.

That baby that you used for research could have been the president or changed the world in some way cause you just don't know! God gave you the things to make babies but inside you and so that it could live a life, not for being made in a tube and then ripped apart!

I think stem cell research is like watching a horror movie. This issue is the same as abortion pretty much. And it is going to take many tries before the find the perfect cure for something! And I absolutely hate how endangered animals are protected and you aren't allowed to kill them but then it's okay to murder a human child! Why not make it illegal to do both?

Abortion and SSR are murder. So whoever is really looking for the answer I have it. Stem cell research is completely wrong. sincerely, Abigail Z.


Get along, people! we'll never get to the future if we keep debating with what is right and wrong. scientists wouldn't be where they are if they have not spent their entire lives researching such.

improving the lives of others is their passion, just like how you and i have an inner passion. we need to give them that much respect because their ultimate goal is to help improve our lives.

they've exhausted all their lives and energy getting to "yes" and they're only a fingertip away.

you noticed i said "our" -- that is including you, me, our dear friends, families and even strangers. people with long-term and short-term disabilities deserve a chance, so, give scientists and researchers the chance to help the best that they possibly could.


An embryo cannot be considered a human being in its early months. It does not even have a brain yet, nor can it think or respond on its own. If it is going to be disposed of anyway, why let it go to waste instead of using for the good of mankind.


Look, there is no 'God'. If there is a 'God', it would be a very powerful alien that took an interest in Earth and did stuff for us. Anyway, how many of you christians won't receive stem cell transplant if you were about to die and that's the only choice or the only effective choice?


i think that stem cell research is OK.


You can't mix religion and science. how do you expect to move forward and develop if we never use what's at our fingertips to improve people's lives?

fair enough killing of an embryo is wrong, but then again so is an abortion. how can people be OK with an abortion but not with stem cell research?

Stem cell research and development has the ability to improve life for those with cancer, diabetes, coronary heart disease, alzheimer's, physical disability. are you seriously complaining about the fact that in order to improve, say a million people's lives, embryos (which are created in a daily scale) need not be sacrificed?

think about it. if you had any of these diseases, would you honestly accept it and not fight? no you'd want the best of the medical world to use what they can to make you well. so don't bring god into a scientific debate.


first let me just say thanks for posting my other comment. but seriously i think cloning is an amazing thing. and i am also a christian. i don't really think that god has anything to do with it. I want everyone out there to try to prove me wrong because it's impossible to tell what god is thinking.


I think that we should keep advancing cloning to the point when we can clone humans. And I also want to know what God has to do with cloning?


To all of you who think that stem cell research is not killing an innocent life:

The bible tells us that God knew our name even before we were born, that he formed us in the womb, that he has a plan for us. This is sin. God also tells us that he hates the hands that shed innocent blood.

God tells us that we were created in his own image and that children are a blessing from the lord. The fruit of the womb is his reward.

There are so many verses in the bible that tell us this is wrong. But, we can turn and repent! Fight stem cell research.

When does life begin? At conception.

There are other methods than destroying human life. I am a supporter of science. I want science to flourish and help cure diseases, but when it comes to life, i choose life.

It has been shown that we can use umbilical cords, etc. for research. I believe if our nation chooses the righteous path we will be blessed. God can heal through prayer and doctors.


For those of you who think there is no God how on earth do you think we got here? sure in the heck not by monkeys. i am 16 years old and i know for a fact that there is a God and that he created every single one of us. so this cloning thing and killing people is wrong.

apparently God has done everything for a reason and if that means losing a leg or arm or whatever, then God has a plan for you later in life, and no God didn't want this stuff going on. its the dumbness of us humans.


i think stem cell is good for trying to help people that lost or weren't born with limbs, but when it comes down to cloning people or animals. that's just downright wrong. i think that God would have created you then so obviously they weren't meant to be here.


sorry. second paragraph is about stem cells for number 42. oh, good luck holm family.


Cloning should be allowed but not for an arm or leg because that clone is not a slave to give you anything you need, but a child that should be raised and nurtured if you can't have a child.

I am not very religious but if we can cure all these things isn't that a miracle? But we don't have to wait for god's help and if it's there doesn't that mean god created it that way.


I think that "cloning" should be allowed because some people can't have kids and they want someone to look like them and to follow in their footsteps. They should have their very own mini-me!


Commenter 38, should we clone, yes the clone would look like us, but they are separate. If you had a clone, it probably would have a completely different personality, different thoughts and feelings. It's like having a twin.

But I really don't see a point in cloning at all. We humans just want to see what we can get away with.

We wouldn't be playing "God" (who doesn't exist, but whatever floats your boat) but we would be messing with nature, yes. But all you pro-life people (should any of you be here) don't realize this could all save more lives.

As for the use of embryos, they are not alive at all at that time. Many people are born every day. Don't worry your little head.

The embyros are just a little heap of material, yes, it can make a human, but it's not alive. It's just a canvas for whatever painting will be painted on it. It's more of a starting point.

So, if it's for the good, it is not morally wrong.


I believe its wrong to give birth to a person you aren't prepared to take care of, both financially and emotionally. It's just a slower way to die, growing up in an environment where your mother never finished high school and buried in poverty and ignorance.

I believe that if you don't live in a house where your child can play outside in a safe, drug free environment and take a proper non public education and have at least 300k to spend on them, then by all means go ahead and have a baby. But if not, then either give them up for adoption or abortion and donate "the could have been life" to science.

I'm not saying one is easier than the other. What i'm saying is it's selfish to give birth unprepared just because everyone around you is saying "Oh my god (yes i wrote the name with a lower case 'g', if a god is so anal about something as trivial as spelling his 'name' correctly then im proud not to believe in him. besides having millions of people worship you seems like a humanly thing to do.) you're a murderer!" i think you're a torturer if you let your child grow up hungry and abused by society because of their class status. Besides, god isn't there to take care of your baby. No matter how hard you pray.


Bottom line, to everyone. It's completely unethical to take an unborn child to conduct research. You saw what they said, they could use the adult stem cells. But no, they decide to do something that should be against anyone and everyone's ethics. Use the common sense God gave you.

And another thing, the word "God" is capitalized for those who don't don't show the least bit amount of respect for your creator. And besides, what good would cloning do? Someone explain that. It makes no sense whatsoever to make an artificial human, because for one thing, they could never really be accepted into society could they? And then second of all, what if they decided they wanted our lives? If they were truly a clone of us, then they would think, look, and act exactly like us. All they had to do was get us out of the picture and they could take over your life.

Well, anyway, I feel I've said all I can for now. I hope your brain understands that life is life, and killing any human life form (and yes that includes unborn children!) is utterly and completely wrong. And in some sound part of your head, you should know that.


I don't get why people get so mad over this. It's just a ball of cells no bigger than a period and the cells are unspecialized, so it's not really a human just quite yet. If you had a disease that could be cured with stem cells, you would most likely want to be cured. So why keep fighting against it? But that's just my view on this.


I am a christian, however I feel we aren't doing enough to support this wonderful new technology. I know if I was paralyzed I would sure love to walk again and I know they say God answers all prayers however, doctors and scientists alike also have the ability to piece your butt back together after your car hits a tree. at that moment you will beg god and doctors to save your life.


If you do the stem cell research then if you're a girl then you're killing a human life. it's not normal!


bottom line: do you think God would want us to all die when we had the cure for a disease staring at us in the face? but because we worshiped him we decided to die rather then do the obvious and find the cure? does that make sense? what year is this? sounds like the people that were burned for being accused of being witches back in the old days.


Most of what I'm reading is "Jesus this, Christ that, there will be a cure if you believe." Don't preach your religion on something that is purely scientific. If "god" has a "plan" for us all then so be it. It goes without saying that he granted us the knowledge to do as we see fit. Science and religion have always come to disagreements and that will most likely not change. If you have failed to read that the embryo *can* be saved during the harvesting process, then click "stem cells." *scroll up* I believe I read "I feel for your person who is paralyzed, but if he is born again into the kingdom of God and accepts Jesus Christ as his Savior, he will walk again." I can't help but laugh at this. If you accept this so called "savior" and you do go to the Kingdom of Heaven, then my friend you're dead! The ability to walk is no longer needed.


Really? okay im a christian. i think that God plans everything he wants us to do and i think that he gave humans the idea for stem cell research. He doesn't just do stuff and then let it go unnoticed. Duh!


i think that stem cell research is a very good thing because, and i'm not trying to bash anyone, we could possibly get rid of some of the worst diseases. sure, it's at the cost of other lives at times, but wouldn't it be great to cure a little five year old of cancer or an old woman of alzheimer's so that she would be able to remember he grandchildren. i'm 15 and would sure like to be cured of those types of diseases that i may get when i'm older.


I think that this research should continue. god gave us the brains to do it and so we should take what we have and make the world better for all ill people or physically disabled people.


Did you hear about the recent murder of a Doctor who preformed abortions for people whose babies who were going to be born brain dead or other such health problems? *Guess who he was murdered by? His church congregation* which including the minister. How's that for abiding the ten commandments?


If God was the one who originally gave us life, including the set of genes we were born with, doesn't this mean he also gave us the ability to develop this research and grow because of it?


At the end of the day let God tell me that Stem Cell Research is wrong. If you believe in God and Jesus think about this, Jesus Killed himself to save us right. Sacrifices have been made to God to save us for hundreds of years. This is no different. If you care much about life then stop wars, stop guns, stop death. And since you can't do that let the people who are trying to save us do their job.


Nobody is trying to nor can anyone be God. I'm not slamming you or your beliefs, but go preach to the people who've been doing all the recent shootings in the news not the people trying to improve the quality of life for those who have disabilities either mentally or physically. The pot and crack babies didn't ask to be born with Down, but we can eventually help them. We're not trying to take God's place.

I noticed that some one wrote about their children having cystic fibrosis (sorry to hear that) but curing that is more in the department of gene therapy as in removing your child's DNA mass producing it to correct the defect in the gene pertaining to the disease and insert the correct functional form of that gene. Ways of doing this include encoding that specific gene to be expressed in cow milk then extracting it which is a trangenic method but there are many other techniques scientists are looking at. Google around, but I learned about all of this in my Biochemistry class, which is Human genetics and it's quite interesting. Hope this helped some.

The most recent breakthrough in stem cells is at Wake Forrest University. There they have actually grown a functioning heart valve, Coronary Artery, and one doctor created some sort of powder that he gave to his brother to use when he cut off an inch of his finger and he regrew that inch back nail, bone, and all. If you can see if you can Google this. It was shown by Dr. Oz on Oprah. I'll post more as I discover more because I have to write a paper on this for my genetics class.


people stop complaining...I believe in god, but god didn't do this, we did, and I believe god has a reason for us to do this research.


Look I'm a christian & i am also a democrat, but most people I talk to are against ssr yet know nothing about it. Somebody with more knowledge on the subject please answer me this... What is the difference between ssr on a fetus and being an organ donor as an adult? When is ssr performed? Is it always on a fetus?

I have really changed my life and I try to live by the word, but this has been an issue that I have been at odds with?

Just looking for answers


It says in here that adult stem cells can be gotten. How do you go about checking into that? I would love to be a donor.


That is scripture. (KJV) There is way which seemeth right unto man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. (Proverbs 14-12) I feel for your person who is paralyzed, but if he is born again into the kingdom of God and accepts Jesus Christ as his Savior, he will walk again. How sad to think a person suffers his whole life for nothing only to die and go to hell without knowing Jesus where God will *not* be there, *at all*!!! You can't justify the end by the means. Abortion is murder, plain and simple, not complicated at all. Oh someday all you people who think that conservatives, real true born again believers are judging you, in the end you will see that you have done nothing to us, or persecuted us, or belittled us, or even laughed at us, but *Jesus*. Behold he cometh with clouds; and *every* eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him, and all kindreds of the earth shall "wail" because of *Him*. Revelation 1-7


There is way that seemeth right unto man, but the end thereof is destruction. Not my words people, but, God Jehova. And, there will be no atheists in hell, you can count on it. Oh, how sad! Woe to those who cannot see and are blind..


you posted "what about those who have no religious beliefs?"... even if you don't believe in God do you at least believe in life??? look at yourself, the biggest miracle that God gave us was the miracle of Life... many fight saying that embryos are not human beings, then explain to me how is it that science has reached so far to prove that at the moment of conception the sex, the color of the eyes and hair are already defined.. science proved that at the moment of *conception* all those things are defined. How can you not believe that that is a human being? you think you magically develop into a baby on the 6th month of pregnancy?? No.. it is a human life already at the moment of conception, what dignity is there to kill an innocent being that can't fight or stand up for himself and use him to make research or place him in a little tube in a laboratory??? even if you don't believe in God i am sure you believe in life..*you're a living* proof of this.. now lets imagine that your parents shared your thinking and did both believe that you were not a living thing and decided to dispose you or abort you, or donate you to stem cell research... you would not be here today, like many are not because their dignity was taken away by those who believe like you do...


I see all of these comments about religion and God and how it plays a role. What about those who have no religious beliefs? Take their thoughts and wishes into consideration as well.


All cells are composed of chemical prerequisites are they not?

These stem cells must have a genetic structure that may be manufactured. All cells to my knowledge are comprised of a DNA structure that replicates itself infinitely to maintain the cell. Who's not to say that instead of taking Stem Cells from embryos, these cells are capable of being manufactured from the combination of adenosine, guanosine, cytosine, and thymidine, the building blocks of all DNA. If this process was applied, the entire ethical structure of human embryos being used as "Specimen", would be resolved.

From my personal opinion, if the manufacturing process was applied, and *atleast* different tissue of the body, or "parts" (liver, heart, etc) were produced; It would take a great deal of strain off of the Donor Lists.

Also, if the government was interested in earning some money off of this ordeal, they could setup research facilities to expand this technology. And when proved upon successful, market the end product to the world.

So forth the endurance of this Idea results with the enjoyment of family members for another what 100 years?

Without crossing the ethical boundaries of embryo specimen research or cloning...

Do you think this would be a good idea?


I think if it was your daughter or son or mother that was dying and there was a chance this could save their life you that you would feel quite differently. But then again maybe not! I'd also like to point out that you love to say that humans should leave creation up to God, but I don't see any of you backing away from fertility drugs! Doesn't it go both ways?


My dad has been paralyzed for about 5 years now. It is very difficult to watch someone you love go through that kind of pain and suffering. The doctors all say it's permanent, but he still has hope that one day he will be able to walk again. If you know anyone who is paralyzed, remind them that there is hope. Never lose your faith in God and it will come back.


I think its really interesting. think about it, abortion has become such a huge issue in America and if for some reason a woman can't keep a baby and decides to get rid of it, isn't it better that she has the option to make that embryo go towards saving the life of another human being? I mean, she will be scarred with the realization that she killed a child for the rest of her life, but wouldn't it be easier if she felt she helped somebody else with her choice? someone who has already had a chance to live a little bit of life and might possibly be dying just because they were unlucky enough to get a bad gene. i think it's a good thing that this research is being done. just wanted to express my opinion for all the people who are so against this.


I think this is just sick! This country is so screwed up and now we have a president that is going to make it even worse. What happened to what was once a "christian country?" Now we have scientists taking a sperm and egg, creating an actual human life and then when it reaches a certain stage, they rip it apart and experiment with it to see if they can help the people with disease. How could anyone think this is OK? You're messing around with human life! I understand that these people with diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's are suffering, but who ever said that in this life you would never suffer? In fact if you say you believe in God, and you expect to never suffer on earth, then where are the rewards in heaven when you die? If Jesus Christ suffered and died for us on the cross, then who are we to think we should have no suffering in this life? Think about it the next time you say that you believe in God. It's easy to say, but your actions and morals are what really count.

I think that we elected the right candidate for change, but did anyone ever think about what kind of change that would be?


I believe in God with all of my heart, but I truly believe that God gives us the knowledge and the means of investigating with science to cure ailments and diseases. Some could argue that heart/lung/kidney/ implants are like playing God and those types of medical procedures should not be performed. If you are a transplant recipient blessed with a second chance at life because of the generosity of another human being, it is probable that you believe the benefits completely out weigh the cons.

Playing God would also mean that vaccines should be obsolete since it would be His will to determine if a person should or should not succumb to Polio or other life altering ailments.

Left over embryos that are on their way to being discarded anyway should have a chance at changing the lives of other human beings instead of laying in a garbage liner awaiting pick up. God would not provide us with the intelligence, the knowledge, or the necessary equipment to scientifically change the time line of diseases unless it was His will.

I am listed as a donor and am hopeful that when the day comes that I die someone will benefit from my organs and will have a second chance at a quality life. Watching someone you love struggle everyday of their life with an incurable condition could be a distant memory in a decade. That would truly be a heavenly blessing!


I wanted to educate myself on what stem-cells were, and am appalled. As I read this article, it struck me that while we are looking for even the smallest signs of life on the moon, Mars, and many other as-yet barely-explored regions, if even microscopic signs of life were found there, you can bet it would be appalling to the scientific community to destroy it. Yet we fall over ourselves with semantics in hopes to convince ourselves that human cells capable of living and growing on their own aren't life that should be protected or valued. I just wanted to share that opinion. JW/Middletown, OH-US


My husband and I go back and forth on this subject. We just recently had 4 of our 8 children diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. It is a genetic disease that steals the breath from each of its victims.

My question is, How would stem cell research help our children and other children with Genetic diseases like Cystic Fibrosis?

If this bill is passed, aren't we playing God? Do we have the right to undo what God has in store for us? This is where my husband and I differ quite a bit. I am pro-life and he is undecided right now. We both look at our children and want a cure found for CF but does that mean that we can take the life of another so ours can live?

I love my children very much and are working very hard to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, a non-federally funded program. They are the key to a cure, not stem cell research.


i want to be put on the list to receive the stem cells,how do i go about doing it?

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