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How Do I Choose the Best Resources on Earth Science for Kids?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

Many of the best earth science for kids resources are things that they can interact with in some way, or that include video content that is engaging. The Internet, for example, can provide video clips, images, and interactive presentations that offer a great deal of information for any young person. There are also games and activities that kids can play to learn more about earth sciences while they are doing something fun. Physical activities can also be also an excellent way to focus on earth science for kids, since many children learn through physical methods that are enhanced through touch and motion.

One of the best resources for earth science for kids is the Internet and the numerous videos, images, and sites found on it. Look for webpages that have been created by scientific agencies or schools, to ensure they are factually accurate, since sites that host user-generated content may be made by anyone. You can find many different videos that teach earth science for kids, often through guided instruction and numerous examples of the concepts being discussed in them. There are also interactive websites that you can use, which allow kids to more easily see and interact with different aspects of geology and related sciences.

Good resources for kids are often interactive.
Good resources for kids are often interactive.

Games can be an excellent way to teach concepts dealing with earth science for kids, since they often react well to and engage with such activities. This can include something as simple as a word search or a crossword puzzle that deals with terms used in the study of earth sciences. More elaborate games, including video games played on a computer or other device, can be even more engaging and use videos or animations to illustrate various concepts. Games related to certain aspects of earth science for kids, such as paleontology, may be easier to find since many children are already interested in dinosaurs and look for games that include them.

It can also be helpful to look for any sort of physical artifact or other tangible object that you can use to help teach and explain earth science for kids. Many people, especially children, are kinetic and physical in nature, which means that they often learn best when physically interacting with something. If you want to teach kids about different types of rocks, present them with examples of these to hold and look at. One of the great advantages of the physical sciences is that they can be seen and interacted with directly, so use this as you look at ways to better teach earth science for kids.

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    • Good resources for kids are often interactive.
      By: Mikkel Bigandt
      Good resources for kids are often interactive.